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How to make the bonsai branches grow thick quickly?

Many people have the habit of raising bonsai. Naturally, they hope that the bonsai they raise can have the thick branches. The more vigorous the vitality is, the better. But sometimes the branches of bonsai raised in our family are very thin. No matter how to apply fertilizer, the branches of bonsai do not have the trend of becoming thick. They are still thin and crumbling. How can we make the branches of bonsai grow thick quickly? Come and have a look!

First of all, we need to have proper operation methods. When we find that the branches are too thin in some places, we need to make sure that they are preserved. Then we need to hold the place where the branches are close to the soil with one hand, hold the middle of the branches with one hand, and shake them from front to back, left and right, seven to eight times in each position, which can loosen the local tissues of the branches and promote the growth of cells. In addition to shaking, we can pinch the branches when we have nothing to do, which can also promote cell growth.

Second, we should have proper operation time. Generally, we should choose the peak season for plant growth. Generally, April to September is the peak season for plant growth, because the temperature at this time is the most suitable for plant growth. We can operate in the morning and in the evening. It's better not to operate at noon, because the temperature at that time is too high.

Third, we need to have correct operation times. For those branches that have been shaken, we need to learn to observe. It's better to record them at all times, and record the length and thickness of them. Generally, shake them every ten days. If they are thick enough, don't shake them again. Generally, after shaking for many times, they will be two to three times thicker than the original.

Fourth, we should pay attention to that if the branches are too thin, they should not be operated in this way, and the new buds should not be operated in this way.