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You don't know how to use the w o r d table? Come to learn soon!

We all know that in the office software, the software w o r d is specially used to make documents, so few people know its calculation function. What we all know is the calculation function in e x C E L, but w o r d can beautify tables very well. Many people first calculate in e x C e l, and then convert it to w o r d, which is very troublesome. W o r d also can To calculate some simple algorithm, how to calculate? Let's have a look!

First, open a table, a table that needs to be calculated. We can use the formula to calculate simple formulas such as sum and average. We first move the cursor to a cell to be calculated, and then we can see that there is a table option in the top row of options in the whole w o r d.

Second, there is formula selection in table selection. When we click formula, there will be options in the formula. Generally, it will select the data we want to calculate by default, which is usually automatic summation. If it is summation, we will click OK. If it is average value, we will change S U m in the formula to a v e r a g e, and then click OK to get the average value 。

Third, look at the value in parentheses at the back of the function. That value generally represents the data you want. We can check whether it is the data we want. For example, if it is the average value, don't get the total score together.

The above is a quick calculation method in the w.r.d. document. Have you learned it? It should be noted that the above method is only suitable for the calculation of less values. If the amount to be calculated is more, it is recommended to calculate in e x C E L.