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Be careful when drinking tea

I believe that there are many people who love tea, but not necessarily those who love tea have a deep understanding of tea. Most people know that drinking tea is good for people's health, but not necessarily know that drinking tea is bad for some people's health. Today, Xiaobian is here to introduce in detail the benefits and disadvantages of drinking tea for you. Let's have a look at them together.

Tea has a very good health care function. If you have people who often drink tea around you, you will find that those people have a better mental state. Tea is rich in tea polyphenols. Tea polyphenols have good antioxidant function, which can prevent the occurrence of lung cancer, skin cancer, gastric cancer and other cancers. Tea drinking also has the effect of beauty, which can effectively delay the aging of various organs in the body. People who often drink tea also look younger than people of the same age, which has a lot to do with the love of tea drinking. Tea also contains fluorine, which has a protective effect on teeth, and tea can always damage teeth by bacteria, so people who like to drink tea will not have poor teeth.

But not all people can drink tea, for example, some people with some chronic diseases do not recommend drinking tea. People with neurasthenia or insomnia are not suitable to drink tea, because tea contains caffeine. After drinking tea, people's brain will be in an excited state, which will affect your sleep, thus aggravating your condition. People with stomach disease are not recommended to drink tea. The theophylline contained in tea will make your stomach secrete a lot of stomach acid, which will cause your stomach discomfort and aggravate your stomach disease. In addition, people who often drink tea will have the formation of tea dirt. Tea dirt contains a variety of toxic substances. If not cleaned in time, you will be sick.

The above is the advantages and disadvantages of tea introduced by Xiaobian. People in good health are advised to drink more tea. Those who are not suitable for tea, please try to avoid drinking tea so as not to cause disaster.