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What about bloating? What method can solve gastric distention quickly?

When we often have flatulence in our life, flatulence is a special symptom caused by gastrointestinal problems. Although flatulence is not a big problem, flatulence is also very uncomfortable. It's not good to lie down, it's not good to sit, it's not good to walk, so what are the ways to quickly stop flatulence? Come and have a look!

First of all, the first method, we can drink vinegar, vinegar can effectively relieve flatulence, drink three times a day, respectively, after three meals, adhere to the treatment of flatulence. We can also drink porridge to treat our flatulence. If we feel flatulence, we can try not to eat. We can drink some porridge to relieve it. Millet porridge and cereal porridge can both effectively relieve flatulence.

Second, hot compress belly, we can lie on the sofa or bed, keep legs slightly bent, lying flat or slightly lying on one side, then use a hot towel, apply it on the belly, massage the belly gently with two hands, promote the gas in the belly to be discharged quickly, and can relieve the flatulence of the stomach.

Third, we can also eat some food to promote digestion. Some stomach distention is caused by indigestion. We can take some stomach nourishing and digestion tablets, Motilium and so on to promote stomach digestion, which can well alleviate the situation of stomach distention. Don't sit right after eating. You can go for a walk and walk around. If you sit down or lie down immediately, it will greatly increase the probability of flatulence. More walking can promote digestion and prevent weight gain.

The above is a quick way to solve the problem of flatulence. Flatulence is not a big problem. You don't have to worry too much. Just pay attention to it in your life.