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These are ways to stop worrying about household waste

In production and human life, garbage is produced every day. If garbage is discarded everywhere, it will seriously affect the quality of our life. It's a very annoying thing to deal with garbage every day. Garbage disposal is also very cumbersome. Today, let's give some tips on how to deal with household garbage quickly. I hope my methods can be useful to you who are in trouble.

The first way is to classify the garbage generated by our family before we deal with the garbage. The most basic thing is to separate the toxic and non-toxic garbage. Every family must have one or more garbage cans. Garbage cans are used to hold the garbage we throw away. General garbage cans are dirty and messy, and may also give off a disgusting smell. Therefore, people can't like garbage cans, and have a feeling of how far away they are. Some wastes contain certain toxicity or hazards, such as waste batteries, waste mercury thermometers, expired medicines, etc. these wastes need special and safe treatment and should not be mixed with general domestic wastes.

The second way is to replace the garbage can with garbage bags, which will be more convenient and sanitary. There is a way of garbage disposal. Instead of using the garbage can, directly hang the garbage bag on two shelves. When the garbage is full, it will be thrown away with the portable bag. This way is not easy to leave the residual garbage in the garbage can, reducing pollution, and reducing the cost of buying the garbage can 。

The third way is to prepare multiple trash cans for each of us, at least two or three trash cans, one for the kitchen, one for the bathroom and one for the living room. Due to the poor quality of the garbage bags, they may be damaged in use, and the garbage will leak into the garbage cans, which will breed bacteria in the long run. The garbage cans for our families should also be cleaned frequently. When cleaning, use a brush to clean the gap. It is better to use disinfectant to eliminate the poison, such as 84 disinfectant. After cleaning, dry it or put it in the sun for a while, and then continue to use it will be more safe.

Household garbage should be cleaned every day, especially the garbage in the toilet should not be stored for a long time. Most of the toilets are wet and dark, and bacteria are easy to reproduce in large quantities, which will seriously affect people's health. To protect your health, start with daily household waste disposal. I hope the above methods can solve your troubles.