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There are no two sheets for quick drying

In general, there are several sheets at home, which are washed and changed every day. But if an important person wants to visit home and wants to change several sheets at the same time, it seems that the sheets are not enough. To buy, first, it may be too late, the new sheets also need to be washed. Second, there is no need to store so many sheets at home, which may not be useful in the future. Moreover, if you want to buy them well, you need to spend some money. Then you can only use the washed sheets. Here, there is a way to make the sheets dry quickly, so that your friends won't worry.

If the bed sheet is changed in the summer morning, it can be dried by washing machine after washing, and then it can be dried in a short time by using large hanger to air the bed sheet in the ventilated place, because the bed sheet is generally thin, but pay attention to clamp the bed sheet with clamps to prevent the bed sheet from falling, if it is still wet, it will have to be washed again, because the material of the bed sheet is easy to be stained with ash. If you want it to dry faster, you can use a few more clothes shelves to make each side of the bed sheet fully contact with the flowing air, which is easier to dry than sticking two sides together.

If it's winter, it's OK. Turn on the warm air conditioner, move a few stools into the room, open the washed bed sheet completely, change one side in half an hour, and it can be dried in a short time. If there is still a corner that hasn't been dried, it can also be dried with a blower. If it's winter in the north, you can wash it the night before, without washing machine, and dry it directly in a ventilated place. The wind blows overnight, or even overnight, because the winter in the north is very dry. For this kind of thing with a lot of water, it can evaporate in a short time.

If it's in the south, don't worry. In the south, there is usually an electric heater or a baking stove. Put the dried sheets in front of the electric heater, or on the top of the baking stove, that is, on the baking table, they can dry in a short time. They can also dry the sheets and watch TV while baking. So many methods have been provided. There must be suitable methods. Hurry to try them.