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What about puberty? You'll regret not reading this!

Everyone with short stature is eager to grow up quickly, but he is always shorter than others, leaving a deep inferiority in his heart. He always feels that if his height is inferior to others, he is inferior to others. See their favorite girls, but dare not go forward to say a word, can only envy others in my heart. In fact, puberty can grow as long as it grasps the right methods. What are the specific methods? Let's have a look!

First of all, adolescent children must not be picky about food. It's better to ensure their daily intake of protein, such as eggs and milk. Drink a cup of warm water after getting up every morning to clear the dirty things in our body and promote our metabolism. After drinking water, do ten minutes of stretching. When we get up, our bones are pulled open. After getting up, doing stretching exercise is conducive to promoting growth.

Second, take time to run and jump rope every day. You can tie sandbags on your legs at night or in the morning. First, run slowly for a circle, do a warm-up exercise, and then start to speed up your running. If we have time and energy after running, we can jump for a few minutes. The effect is better. Pay attention to stretching after exercise, which also helps to grow height.

Third, drink a glass of milk and do stretching exercise before going to bed at night, not only to promote growth, but also to improve the quality of sleep. To pay attention to adolescence must not stay up late, to maintain the good habit of early to bed and early to rise. Although staying up late doesn't change in a short time, it's the best time for physical growth. If you stay up late, you will directly miss it.

The above is the method of rapid growth of adolescence. We should have firm belief that we can grow tall.