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How to quickly polish skin and whiten skin when a friend circle sends a self portrait of first P-pic

PS is a very common repair software, many people use it to repair a large area of visual sense, but many people do not know the basic method of skin grinding and beauty, just a simple one button repair on the mobile phone, such a picture looks extremely unnatural. Usually our skin is not perfect after being photographed by camera. Maybe there are a few pimples, maybe there are spots, or the overall skin color looks darker. So how can we beautify the picture through PS? Let's study together!

First of all, we open a high-definition picture, and then look at the brightness of the picture. If the picture is darker, we will turn it on a bit. If it is brighter, we will turn it down a bit. Generally, it's almost OK. Don't turn it too bright.

Step 2: we can see that there are several channels behind the layer. Select the blue channel here and click Copy to create a new copy of the blue channel. Then find the filter in the top list of options. After clicking on it, there is another one below. Click on it and select high contrast to keep.

Step 3: we need to click the image in the top list of options, and then select the application image in the image. After clicking, a box will pop up, and there will be a mixed mode in the middle. We choose to overlay. Note here that you need to select two times for stacking, that is to say, you need to close it later and then open it again.

Step 4: adjust the transparency, and then select the leftmost brush tool to smear the flawless skin or hair. At this time, we can reverse select, that is to say, the last step for the skin that has not been applied just now, curve adjustment is OK, and the adjustment range should not be too large.