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How does contact lens wear to do not go in? How to wear contact lenses easily!

Contact lenses are a magical existence. They are beautiful and convenient. We wear too many frame glasses. We also want to try contact lenses. Some people with large eyes can easily wear them, but they suffer from people with small eyes. Some people wear it for half an hour, not only can't wear it, but also make their eyes red very scary. So how do we wear contact lenses? Let's see the fastest way!

First of all, if the eyes are relatively small, it's better to choose the contact lenses with smaller diameter, and don't choose the ones that are too thin. Although the ones that are too thin are comfortable to wear, the ones that are too soft are not easy to wear. It's recommended to replace them after getting used to wearing them.

Second, keep your eyes wide open, and then put your contact lenses on your fingers. You can use both your index and middle fingers to see your personal habits. Observe your own eyes, because each person's eyes are different, you can observe what characteristics of your own eyes, such as whether the pupil is too large, whether to left or right.

Third, we need to check whether the contact lenses are positive. If they are cup-shaped on the fingers, they are positive. If they are disc-shaped, they are reverse. They need to be put into the nursing solution and replaced before wearing. When wearing it, our eyes can look down, and the other hand turns the eyelids up vigorously. There is a kind of feeling that we are pinching eyelashes, opening our eyes vigorously.

Fourth, put the glasses in the widest part of the eye, not necessarily on the eyeball, just put them in the eye socket, don't be afraid when you put them, open your mouth slightly, and insist on not blinking. Then pull the upper and lower eyelids, and turn the eyes after entering.