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The way to tie a tie quickly teaches you to be a man in a second

Boys who are new to the workplace should not only fully prepare their professional knowledge, but also pay attention to their dignified appearance. White shirt, suit, leather shoes and tie are all indispensable 'fighting goods'. The first three are all small problems. It's hard for us, but we can't tie a tie. It's very sad for job seekers. But don't worry. Today Xiaobian is here to save you and teach you how to fasten your tie quickly. Let you face the workplace confidently and easily.

Method 1: hang the tie on your right hand first, with the wide side facing you, and then hold the narrow side in your left hand. From the palm of your right hand, turn it two times anticlockwise, take out your right hand carefully, and hold the two circles of the tie in your left hand. Now there are two circles, right? Put the front one on the left to the right of the second one, and then pull the two circles up to form it. Just pull him out and put his head on his neck. Is it not as difficult as you think.

Method 2: first, put the tie on the neck, cross the broadband at the back, and the narrow one is facing out at the front and back. Pass the narrow cross from inside to outside, pull the wide end out from the right, pull it back to the original position, then turn the wide end over to the right, forming a triangle, and pass through the inner neckline to form a ring to tighten. A tie will do. The method is not very simple.

There are thousands of ways to tie a tie. Only you can't imagine that you can't do it. If you master the method, you can change the pattern and tie every day. A tie is an object of taste and temperament for a boy. It's just like a woman's high heels. Only by mastering the method of tie tie, then any suit can't defeat you. It's a knowledge that what color matches what clothes and how to tie them to better reflect your temperament and status. If you want to know how to tie a tie, learn it now and let you become a man in a second.