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Master this little trick to make sure you can kill fish easily and completely

Fish is rich in vitamin A, vitamin D and other trace elements, and human absorption of fish protein is also the highest of all foods, as high as 87-98%. Fish is a very common dish on our table. To eat fresh live fish, killing fish is a difficult problem. Then I'll introduce the complete and quick fish killing steps for you. Let's have a look together if you need.

Step 1: knock out. A lot of people should know that it's very difficult for you to keep a fish in your hand while it's alive. If you want to kill a fish, you need to knock it out first. You can't let it continue to be active. Fold the fish head in half with a knife or rolling pin and pat it a little harder until it no longer struggles, which is also convenient for subsequent operation. It's up to you when you faint.

Step 2: descaling. Use the back of a knife or a small knife to scrape the fish head from the tail. Be sure to tilt the fish head. Otherwise, it is easy to cause uneven force and damage to the fish. If it's a relatively large fish, its scale is also relatively large. If it's fierce, it's suggested to dig it directly with your hands, so it's faster to get rid of the scale. It's difficult to deal with the scales on the fins and belly of the fish. When removing the scales, be sure to clean them carefully. Then wash with water, you can wash away all the scales of the fish, even if you have finished scaling.

Step 3: dig the internal organs and gills. From the tail fin of the fish, use a knife to cut a 5mm deep mouth from the bottom up. If the fish is relatively large, cut a bit deeper, as long as it can touch the internal organs. Then start to dig out the fish's internal organs from the tail fin. It's better to take out all of them at one time, and then flush the inside of the fish with water. Then use the hand juice to pluck out the fish's two gills, and then rinse the fish's two gills with water. Such a fish would have been killed.