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What should I do if my lips are swollen by fire? What method can make lips detumescence quickly?

Autumn is coming. The weather is getting drier and drier. Sometimes we have a hot pot at night. We wake up early the next morning and find our lips are swollen. Maybe it's the upper lip, maybe it's the lower lip, or it's both swollen. It's very ugly. Just like sausages, who doesn't want their lips to be cherry lips? It's hard for many girls to accept. So what should I do if my lips are swollen? Let's have a look!

First of all, our diet should be light, the weather is getting drier and drier, and many girls still eat spicy and greasy food by their own way. How can this not be inflamed? Many girls look at their swollen lips. They may not be able to restrain their spicy heart, which leads to the swelling of their lips. So we must have a light diet.

Second, when the lips are swollen, you need to add more water. Don't think that the swollen lips are edema. In fact, it's because of the fire. Drink more water to make the body stay hydrated. In this way, you can quickly solve the problem of swollen lips.

Third, cactus, if there is a heavy cactus in the house, it's great. You can take a little cactus directly, remove all the thorns, and make it paste, evenly smear it on the swollen place, wait for 20 minutes quietly, and then wash it with water. After one week of continuous use, the lips will not swell any more.

Fourth, we can't rule out another situation. Our lips are caused by scratches. We can apply ice within 24 hours. We can use a spoon, freeze it in the refrigerator for a while, or use ice bags directly. After 24 hours, warm up with a hot towel, and soon the lips will swell.