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How does fever do not want to take medicine? What soil methods can reduce the fever quickly?

Everyone has a cold in life. However, the common symptom of a cold is a fever. A high fever of 38.5 degrees needs to be treated in hospital or medicine. Adults with a fever of less than 38.5 can solve it by themselves. Often taking medicine and injection is not good for the body's immune system. It's the third poison of medicine. It's always harmful to the body. Next, we will introduce some methods to fight against fever, only 38.5 below and the fever caused by the cold Oh!

First of all, we need to drink more water when we have a fever. Although it's very hard to have a cold, we just want to lie down and not drink water. But at this time, our immune system is fighting with the virus that invades our body. Only by replenishing energy can we get rid of the virus's body. And if you have a fever, you will feel thirsty and need more water.

Second, after drinking hot water, it's better not to do other things. At this time, you should feel weak and dizzy, so cover up the quilt and go to sleep. When you wake up, you will feel sweating all over your body. This is the performance of a good cold. When your body cools down, the fever will subside naturally.

Third, before you go to bed, soak your feet in hot water and then go to sleep. You need more water. If you have conditions, you can cut a little ginger and put it in. It can make your body heat faster and perspire better. In addition to soaking feet, you can also drink ginger water. The effect is similar to that of soaking feet, which is to dispel the invading cold in the body and make the body sweat and cool down.

Fourth, we can wipe the whole body with a towel moistened with warm water, especially the forehead, arms, armpits, soles of feet and other hot places, or wipe the body with the white wine from home, wipe it every 15 minutes, and the fever will subside in a period of time.