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How to deal with alcohol addiction? What are some quick ways to stop drinking?

We all know that excessive drinking will be bad for the body, not only for the stomach, but also for our nervous system. After drinking alcohol often, it will affect our work, study and life the next day, and even cause various diseases. People who often drink often suffer from not drinking in a day, and then a vicious circle is formed.

First of all, we should break the psychological defense line, let the people who often drink alcohol accept the abstinence psychologically, start from the small things around us, you can find some articles or videos about the harm of drinking, let the people who often drink alcohol see, can let the drinkers consciously correct the indifferent state, let the drinkers feel that the consequences of drinking too much is very serious, so they will gradually resist drinking.

Second, the drug law, if that kind of alcoholic is very stubborn people can't be treated only by psychological factors, they can use drugs. There is a drug that makes the original alcoholic people feel disgusted when they see alcohol. In this way, they will naturally stop drinking several times.

Third, it's a long process to stop drinking. It's impossible to stop drinking in one day or two days. That's too unrealistic. We can drink a little less every day, and then drink less every day. For example, if we want to drink in the afternoon at noon, we can choose not to drink at noon or in the afternoon, and then we can stop drinking slowly.

Fourth, in terms of diet, we need to eat light food, less barbecue, hotpot, etc., which will more stimulate the desire to drink. We can eat light food, such as millet porridge, carrots, and some bean products, which are good for our health and help us drink faster. Although it will be uncomfortable at first, we will feel that we will not drink after a period of time Nothing. I don't want to eat those heavy food.