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How to identify the authenticity of hard box Chinese cigarettes? Introduction to the methods of true

'Zhonghua' cigarette brand has a high market share. In order to seek benefits, counterfeiters focus on the brand of cigarettes. So, how to identify the true and false of hard box Chinese cigarettes? The following is an introduction to the true and false methods of Chinese cigarettes.

identification of hard box Chinese cigarettes:

Authentic Chinese soft Chinese cigarettes compare with fake soft Chinese cigarettes. They are rich in flavor, strong in aroma and harmonious in tone, no irritation, moderate aftertaste and moderate comfort. The fake smoke aroma tea has great stimulation and unclean aftertaste.

1. Article packing:

(1) Strip packaging transparent paper has low friction coefficient, smooth hand feel and good gloss, while fake cigarette has large friction coefficient, sluggish hand and poor gloss. The interval between the fake cigarette carton and the transparent paper of the carton is large, especially at both ends of the carton.

(2) The strip is installed as a non lettered gold stay wire, the stay wire head is semi-circular and opened clockwise, while the fake cigarette head is irregular.

(3) Transparent paper is pasted and sealed on the side with bar code, parallel to the edge, in a straight line shape, with uniform width, while fake cigarettes are not parallel, straight and uneven.

(4) The strip box adopts European style upper opening cover, and the inner side of the transparent paper in the upper right corner of the strip box adopts automatic inkjet concealed anti-counterfeiting technology. The anti-counterfeiting sign is purple blue under the UV lamp. The anti-counterfeiting sign adopts two letters of the group pattern, ten digits (divided into two lines) zh is the prefix of Chinese Pinyin, and the last ten digits represent the production date, class and vehicle number respectively.

(5) For the recycled old strip boxes, attention should be paid to that the edges and corners are often worn and stained; There are often two marks of sticking or sealing after removal.

2. Small box packaging

(1) The boxed transparent paper has smooth photosensitivity and good luster, and the fake smoke stagnates the hand.

(2) The box is equipped with non letter stay wire, and the stay wire head is square and opened clockwise; And fake cigarettes have no rules.

(3) Transparent paper shall be pasted and sealed on the bar code side with aphorisms, and the sealing shall be flat, straight and uniform; The fake cigarettes are not parallel, straight and uniform enough.

(4) The anti-counterfeiting mark is on the lower edge of the front of the box, and the 'produced by Shanghai cigarette factory of China' is on the inner side of the transparent paper below. In addition to being arranged in a row and no group pattern, it is consistent with the anti-counterfeiting technology and content of the box.

(5) After the small box is sealed and disassembled, there are three regular glue lines on the left and right sides, and the fake cigarette is flake. The small box and the inner lining paper are glued and sealed. There is a glue line on the left and right, in the shape of eight characters, and there are two glue lines in the front and back, while the fake cigarette adopts non stick or irregular sheet.

(6) The bottom of the small box is stamped with an alphanumeric code steel seal, representing the year, month and vehicle number.

3. Cigarette

(1) Cigarettes are arranged in the order of 7, 7 and 6, while fake cigarettes are generally 7, 6 and 7.

(2) The length, circumference, appearance and steel seal of cigarettes are standardized, while cigarettes have no trumpet; Fake cigarettes are not standardized, and some have trumpets.

4. Cut tobacco

(1) Cut tobacco is composed of cut tobacco, expanded cut tobacco and a small amount of stem.

(2) The color of cut tobacco is orange to golden, and the luster is oily, while the color and luster of fake tobacco are poor.

(3) CO2 dry ice expansion method is adopted for expanded cut tobacco, and the quantity proportion is 5-8%. Pour cut tobacco into acetone solution, and floating cut tobacco is expanded cut tobacco; Fake cigarettes have no floating cut tobacco.

Extended data:

Identification method:

1. Most soft Chinese strip boxes have two small protrusions on the side with the origin mark.

2. There are two words' soft box 'on the top side of the box. The first small mouth of the' dish 'with the word' box 'is thicker than the other two. At present, the fake soft China in the market has not found that the workmanship is in place. Therefore, this article can be said to be the most intuitive and simple soft China identification method with the strongest practicability.

3. The shape of the small box is trapezoid, while the fake cigarette is basically rectangular.

4. The seal label on the top of the small box is gravure printed, the small leaf points to the 'China' side, and the back of the seal label is gravure printed with a black cursor.

5. When the small package is disassembled, there are transverse indentation and steel seal on the aluminum foil paper, one letter and two digits.