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How to relieve the stomachache quickly?

With the modern fast-paced lifestyle, many of our friends are in a sub-health state, especially the stomach, which is responsible for the digestion function of the human body, is prone to small problems, and stomachache has become a headache for everyone. So, what are some quick tips for relieving stomachache?

The first way is to drink hot water. It's very effective. No matter whether you have an old stomach disease or a cold stomach, it can play a great role in relieving. Water should not be too hot or too cold. The temperature that your mouth can accept is the most appropriate. Don't drink too much at one time. It's better to drink more times.

The second way is to warm your stomach. Touch your stomach, it's a little cold, that's right, it's the relationship between stomach and cold, if possible, you can use warm towel or wrap a towel around a bottle of hot water, put it on your stomach, you will feel a warm heat, and then stomach pain will be much better.

The third way is to eat light food. Never eat anything that is irritating or hard to digest. Do not eat spicy, greasy, or hard to digest for a short time, including rice, rice and eggs, which are also hard to digest. It is recommended to eat more steamed bread, noodles, and noodles, and drink some noodle soup or millet porridge (add more alkali appropriately).

The fourth way is to take stomach medicine. If it's serious, it's recommended to take some medicine: Weikangling capsule, omeprazole enteric coated capsule, etc. However, it's the third poison of the medicine. Try to reduce the number of times you take the medicine. You can take some fruit or drink some VC. VC has a protective effect on the stomach and can regulate the secretion of gastric acid.

The above four moves are the good ways that Xiaobian told you to relieve the stomachache. We might as well try these methods when necessary. However, the most fundamental thing about stomachache is that we should develop good living and eating habits, so we must take good care of our stomachs at ordinary times.