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Yichang needs to have a keen sense of smell to recruit odor smellers in public toilets. 22 people si

Original title: Yichang, Hubei Province recruits' smellers' in public toilets: many people have signed up to be sensitive to smell

On May 29, Yichang Urban Management Committee and Yichang environmental sanitation department publicly solicited 'public toilet voluntary smellers' and published the list of 234 public toilets in the urban area. Once citizens find that there is odor in public toilets or cleaning is not timely, they can report to the urban management department at any time. At the same time, the news is also attached with the 'deodorization hotline' (0717) 6233333. In addition to accepting citizens to sign up for volunteer smellers, they also accept citizens to supervise the sanitary environment of public toilets. It is understood that since the opening of the 'deodorization hotline' on the 30th, 22 citizens have applied for smellers, and the recruitment is still in progress.

Yichang Urban Management Committee recruits public toilet volunteer smellers for fine management of public toilets

Recently, a news that Yichang Urban Management Committee publicly solicited smellers from public toilets attracted attention on the Internet. On the afternoon of May 31, the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily called the "deodorization hotline" and learned that at present, the volunteer deodorizer in public toilets is being recruited. Since the hotline was opened on May 30, 22 people have signed up.

According to Gong Wanbai, member of the Party group and chief engineer of Yichang urban management committee, the recruitment of smellers in public toilets is a long-term activity. There is no specific limit on the number of people. They are between 30 and 60 years old, healthy, have no history of allergies, have a keen sense of smell, have a sense of social responsibility and dedication, and citizens who have a certain understanding of urban management can apply. " Smellers are not required to smell different from ordinary people, but measured by the feelings of the general public. For those who meet the standards, we will issue letters of appointment for smellers. After that, we will inform in advance and regularly organize smellers to make secret visits to public toilets in the urban area, and those who are free can participate. At ordinary times, if citizens find that there are problems with the sanitation of public toilets, they can also call the deodorization hotline to report. "

Why is it necessary to recruit public toilet smellers? According to Jia Li, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Yichang urban management committee, on May 27, the urban management committee invited the first batch of citizens to make unannounced visits to 11 public toilets in the urban area. Although Yichang public toilets had previously included the odor in the cleaning scope, it seems that it is far from enough. The urban management committee will start the deodorization action of public toilets, completely eliminate the odor of public toilets in the urban area, and hire citizens to be public toilet smellers, Widely solicit golden ideas for public toilet management among citizens, and further refine the management of public toilets through these means, so as to make it more convenient for citizens and tourists.

As for the evaluation criteria for the sanitary environment of public toilets, according to the official wechat account of Yichang urban management committee, "four cleanliness, three no, two supplies and one brightness" is the most common requirement for the daily cleaning of public toilets in urban areas, that is, the ground is clean, the walls are clean, the toilet space is clean, the surrounding is clean, there is no overflow, no mosquitoes and flies, no odor, water, electricity and lights. According to Mao shegao, director of Yichang environmental sanitation department, 'what we provide to the masses & lsquo; Four cleans and three noes & rsquo; The standard is just a reference for everyone. In fact, the cleaning standard of public toilets in urban areas is higher '.

Public toilets are not clean. The public has the final say that the defective sanitation department is immediately rectified.

On May 27, when the first batch of citizens secretly visited the public toilets, they found that the direct feelings such as whether the public toilets have peculiar smell, whether the toilet cleaning is in place and whether the infrastructure is damaged have become the first choice for citizens to judge whether the public toilets are dry or not. Some well managed public toilets are clean and tidy, with unobstructed water and electricity, and there is no peculiar smell standing at the door. The defects of a few public toilets also failed to escape the eyes of the public. A citizen invited to participate in an unannounced visit on the same day told the Beiqing daily that the public toilets unannounced visited on the same day included tourist public toilets, old community public toilets, and transformed public toilets. There were two public toilets with peculiar smell, stains on the toilets of some public toilets, and there were no handrails in the squatting positions of some old community public toilets.

The next day, Yichang environmental sanitation department immediately gave specific rectification opinions on the problems found by public representatives, including burning sandalwood or adding exhaust ventilation facilities for public toilets with peculiar smell, adding camphor pills in urinals, adding handrails to squatting positions of public toilets in old communities, adding luminous instructions to public toilet signs, etc. The relevant person in charge of Yichang environmental sanitation department said that the environmental sanitation department will immediately rectify the problems raised by public representatives, and then invite public representatives to visit again to judge whether the rectification is in place.

According to Gong Wanbai, in order to better improve the sanitation of public toilets, in the next step, after the unannounced visit of voluntary smellers, the urban management committee will invite professional smellers to evaluate the public toilets with serious problems, and give rectification suggestions or take punishment measures according to the evaluation.