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Do you know what harm smoking does to human body

Why do so many people like smoking now? Smoking is as addictive as drugs, and it's hard to give up. Why do you know that smoking is harmful to your health or that there are so many people who smoke without hesitation? Why does smoking make people grow old? Today Xiaobian will tell you why you can't smoke! What's the harm of smoking to your body? I hope you can lose your cigarettes and protect your health.

People don't know the ingredients of cigarettes, so they don't think smoking has much harm. Then you are quite wrong. There are also a lot of tar and nicotine in the smoke, which are important tissues of carcinogens. It will make you addicted even more. If you don't smoke in a day, you will feel sick all over. It's really nicotine attack. The carcinogens you inhale in every cigarette will increase a little. The more time you accumulate in your lungs and organs, the more time you spend in your body, the darker your body will gradually turn to death. Millions of people die every year from smoking.

Smoking is the most harmful to the respiratory organs. Each time, it will enter the lungs first through the respiratory pipeline. So we often see that people with a certain smoking age usually cough and spit, or the very yellow, very yellow and disgusting color. It's a very serious sign that your lungs have been infected. If you have this situation, you should pay attention to it. This is the danger 'alarm' from your body. What's more, you will find that all kinds of cancers will come to you, and your body will not be as good as it is every day.

Smoking is harmful but not beneficial. All aspects of the body are affected by aging face, yellow teeth, shaking hands, spitting, poor sense of smell, poor body resistance, etc. What is invisible is that your bronchi, vital capacity, breathing channels, etc. are obviously declining. Slowly you will be on the road to cancer. It's not just the people around you who are harmed. So please, for your own sake and for your family's sake, don't smoke. Let's take a breath of fresh air together.