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How to treat snoring quickly

I believe everyone has the experience of being woken up by someone else's snoring. It's a headache. For snorers, this behavior will disturb other people's rest and bring serious health risks to themselves. Does snoring have quick treatment method and knack after all? Let's let Xiaobian introduce some self-treatment methods for snoring to you, so that you can stop worrying and disturb others, and also let yourself sleep safely and soundly.

First, movement. This method is particularly simple, that is to practice extending and retracting the tongue quickly. What we need to pay attention to here is that every time we extend our tongue, we should try our best to reach the limit that you can do. In this way, we can do 150 times at least each time. It always makes you feel very sour. After that, we can gradually speed up the frequency and times.

Second, posture. When we sleep, we can use two pillows to support our head, and then raise our upper body, which can reduce snoring. If this makes you feel unwell, you can properly raise your upper body a little higher. In addition, we can take the sleep position of lying on our side, which can also slightly reduce snoring.

Third, diet. In addition to the above methods, you can also reduce the snoring phenomenon by adjusting your diet. Tea helps to clear the sputum in the throat. When drinking tea, the water vapor from tea can also relieve the inflamed nasal cavity, dilute the mucus, and improve nasal drainage. It can also be drunk with honey mixed with tea before going to sleep, which helps to relax the whole throat, so as to prevent snoring, and at the same time, it can help to sleep better and have a good sleep quality.