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Go out for a picnic and make a fire with your friends

Apart from work and life, it's also a very interesting thing to have a picnic with three or five small partners. Change into a person with all kinds of life skills in front of your friends, and they will be impressed with you. Let's learn how to make a fire quickly in the wild.

The first step is to choose a suitable open space. In order to make a fire in the field, we must pay attention to safety and prevent fire. Try to choose a place where there is no wind or leeward wind, so that the fire is easy to start.

The second step is to prepare materials. In the field, it's best to take local materials. You can use the small sticks you pick up as the base material for the fire and the dead leaves and twigs as the materials for the fire. If you can't find the twigs to ignite the fire, here's a small way to use the plastic bags that are easy to get as the ignition materials, because the plastic bags are very good flammable materials.

Third, start a fire. First dig a small pit in the ground, so that the fire will burn more concentrated and relatively not lose a lot of heat. Then put the dead leaves, twigs and plastic bags on the bottom layer. Make sure to leave a little space for the air to enter. If the fire is too full, it will not burn easily. Then pile up the larger sticks and branches we found on the ignition materials, and use the lighter to light the dead leaves at the bottom, and the fire will burn slowly.

In the end, we should pay attention to some problems when using up the fire. We must put out the remaining sparks and residues after burning with soil, and make sure there is no possibility of re burning before burying them. Otherwise, the fire caused by the wind will not be worth the loss.

If conditions permit, we will prepare charcoal for fuel in advance, which will save a lot of things.