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Belly meat is really ugly, how to quickly practice sexy vest line?

No one wants his belly to be fleshy and round. If there is one, it must be a lie. We know that most of the female stars have beautiful faces, but they still have a devil like figure. The most noticeable thing is the vest line. The vest line is that there are two lines in our abdomen. Like vest, this line is also called Mermaid line, which is particularly sexy and charming. So what can we do at home to quickly practice vest line? Come and have a look!

First of all, lie on the ground or on the yoga mat, then put your hands next to your ears, keep your feet in the position of pedaling on the bicycle, touch your left leg with your right elbow, and then touch your right leg with your left elbow, and do it several times. This method can exercise your abdominal muscles well. At first, you may feel tired, and you can Do 20 in one day, and 30 in the next day. Increase them in turn. If you insist on doing it for half a month, you will find a hidden vest line on your stomach, provided that there is no extra fat on your abdomen!

The second action is to lift the legs directly, lie on the ground or on the yoga mat first, put the hands on both sides of the body naturally, palm down, and then lift the legs with the strength of your abdomen to make the thighs and belly at a right angle. This action is also very effective in shaping the abdominal curve.

The third action, the most common push ups, is to lie on the mat, open both hands and feet, and then use the strength of our abdomen to lift the body. There is also sit ups, but also very good exercise to the abdominal muscles, as long as you do it every day, there will be a beautiful vest line one day!