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Huawei equipment for 5g live broadcasting in the UK! We can't do 5g without Huawei

Huawei equipment for 5g live broadcasting in the UK! We can't do 5g without Huawei. British Telecom Operator EE officially launched 5g services in six major British cities such as London on the 30th. Some users can experience the high-speed connection brought by the new generation mobile communication network.

EE's 5G service was first launched in 6 densely populated cities, including London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Bermingham and Manchester. However, even in the above cities, 5g will not fully cover all areas for the time being. EE said that users who open 5g service will access 4G network at the same time, so as to ensure the stability of the connection.

EE company said that some users have the opportunity to experience a high transmission rate of 1 gigabit per second on their 5g mobile phones, while the fastest rate was only 50 megabits per second when EE opened 4G service in 2012. On the same day, the BBC also completed a live broadcast with 5g service.

Huawei said that it is pleased to support EE as one of its partners to promote the construction of 5g network in the UK and realize faster and more reliable mobile connection.

According to the goals set by the British government, 5g network deployment will be completed in most parts of the UK by 2027. In addition, the UK is also vigorously promoting the application of 5g in unmanned driving, telemedicine and other fields.

Still use Huawei! Huawei equipment unveiled its first 5g live TV broadcast in the UK

On Thursday local time, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) used 5g network to broadcast the morning program, which is the first TV live broadcast in the UK using 5g signal, which is provided by EE operators under BT. Before the live broadcast, the host excitedly shared the behind the scenes gags of the live broadcast on his personal social media account. He focused the lens on Huawei's equipment and said: 'it is it that can support us for the first 5g live broadcast in the UK!' Although there have been endless rumors about EE, Vodafone and other British operators restricting Huawei's participation in 5g construction, it has been proved that British companies and institutions still use Huawei equipment to open their own 5g era.