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Liu Haoran's double braided expression package Daquan! Netizen: little tiger teeth are too cute

'Liu Haoran with double braided braids fell' rushed to the hot search today, and netizens teased 'yuan mei'which is a portrayal of being tripped by life. Xiaobian specially summarized Liu Haoran's double braided expression package Daquan! Netizen: little tiger teeth are too cute.

This photo comes from the trailer of the illusory record of Kyushu. Some people commented that they caught Haoran's brother with a double twist braid and the air girl Liu Hai'er! The brother who fell down was miserable but very cute. Ha ha ha. There's a new expression pack.

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Liu Haoran's eyes are calm and the youth finally grows up

Recently, Liu Haoran appeared on the cover of the June issue of Mr. fashion. In the picture, he changed his youthful style in the past, dressed in a brown suede jacket suit, matched with a gray white shirt and gray leffer shoes, reclining gently and enjoying the beauty of the sun. In many sets of models released in this group of blockbusters, Liu Haoran sometimes wears elegant British Beige windbreaker, exuding mature male charm; Sometimes he wears a striped suit with Pajama style, showing his cool and warm nature. Either way, he is changeable. In the interview, he joked about his understanding of acting skills from his' shortcomings' myopia. With a unique perspective and keen senses, Haoran always talks about acting with enthusiasm. In the face of what he really loves, he never hides it.

Based on his mature and sensitive characteristics, keen and intelligent thinking and strong sense of fashion, Liu Haoran is deeply loved by fashion magazines. Having completed the men's magazine Grand Slam in 2018, he refreshed himself again and completed the men's magazine single cover Grand Slam. Since March 2019, Liu Haoran has received the covers of six miscellaneous journals, including the June issue of Jiaren, the April issue of vogue, the inaugural issue of elleidol, the double cover of bazaar men, the double cover of men's fashion Leon, men's fashion Leon young, and the June issue of Mr. fashion. Now, the TV series "illusory records of Kyushu" starring Haoran will also meet the audience in the summer.

Liu Haoran

Born in Pingdingshan, Henan Province on October 10, 1997, he is an actor in mainland China. He is now studying in the performance Department of the Central Academy of drama.

In 2014, he played song Ge in the film Beijing love story directed by Chen Sicheng. His first electric shock on the big screen was recognized for his pure and clean performance, and was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award in the 21st Beijing University Film Festival. In May of the same year, he was invited by happy camp to record the June 1 special program "youth, youth". In April 2015, he joined the national defense education special program "real man" of Hunan Satellite TV and starred in the comedy film "investigation in Chinatown" with Wang Baoqiang in May. Starred in the suspense love film twins in 2016. On September 7, 2016, he won the 20th Huading award China's Best Newcomer Award for his film "investigation in Chinatown". On November 8, 2017, Liu Haoran starred in the adaptation of Jiangnan's novel of the same name, directed by Zhang Xiaobo and served as the chief screenwriter of Jiangnan's heroic epic drama "the ethereal record of Kyushu", which was officially announced. He starred in LV Guichen, a male; In December 22nd, the film "the cat pass" appeared in Chinese mainland. In February 16, 2018, its film Chinatown detective 2 was released in Chinese mainland. On August 9, he won the nomination of "best actor" in the 34th popular film hundred flowers award with the film "Chinatown detective 2". On August 15, he was shortlisted for the TV drama actor award loved by the audience of the 29th China TV Golden Eagle Award. On September 27, the TV play "a good play" was broadcast. On January 5, 2019, he was rated as the fourth young student of the new generation of acting school by Chinese film reports.