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How does Huawei mate10 identify true and false? Introduction to Huawei mate10 true and false identif

Huawei mobile phone -- the first-line brand of domestic mobile phones. Recently, Huawei mobile phones have also made a lot of noise. The United States has vigorously suppressed Huawei. Huawei mobile phones on the market are fishy eyed and difficult to distinguish between true and false. Then, how can Huawei mate10 distinguish between true and false? The following is an introduction to the true and false identification method of Huawei mate10.

mobile website query: (keep the network unblocked)

After entering the member service, click self-service & gt; Real machine identification, you can use the website to query.

(1) Click true / false Query & gt; Certificate query.

(2) Click more query criteria, enter the equipment model, and click the query button.

(3) The equipment model and license information will be displayed on the query result page. Click view to record the license number.

(4) Return to the query home page, click the authenticity query, select the province, enter the queried license number, and then click next. Enter the IMEI number in the mobile phone serial number column and click verify.

Computer website query

(1) Enter the website: After entering the page, select certificate query in the page navigation column.

(2) On the certificate query page, click to display more query criteria.

(3) Enter the model of the mobile phone in the device model (click settings & gt; about mobile phone), and then click query.

(4) Copy the network card number into the query result page, and then click the authenticity query.

(5) On the authenticity query page, select a province, enter the network access certificate number, and then click next.

(6) Enter the IMEI number in the mobile phone IMEI number box (the query and use of IMEI number are shown below), and click verify.

Telephone inquiry:

Service content: query the authenticity of access sign information and mobile phone serial number. This method does not charge any inquiry fee. You only need to pay the communication fee of the communication operator according to the call time, long-distance, etc.

Service time: Monday to Friday (except holidays)

8:00-11:30 a.m. and 13:00-17:00 p.m

Tel: 010-82058767