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What are the more famous bags in the world? Latest ranking of global luxury bags in 2019

When it comes to women's bags, many girls are very interested. Bags symbolize a person's taste. Many people will think of Hermes and LV at the first impression. In fact, Dior brand bags are also very good, as well as Chanel. So, what are the more famous bags in the world? Learn about the latest ranking of 2019 global luxury bags.

Chanel Chanel.

Chanel is also a French brand. It mainly takes camellia, diamond grain and double C logo as the brand mark. The main perfume, handbag, and black skirt are countless brands imitation, but it has never been surpassed, not to mention Chanel's two color shoes, that is the classic of fashion forever.

Dior Dior.

Dior Dior is a combination of God and gold in French, so most of the Dior perfume we saw later was mainly gold, so it has always been crowned with luxury and elegance.


Hermes started in Paris. At the beginning, it mainly produces silk scarves and ties, and then slowly produces other products. Now Hermes's Kelly bag / Birkin bag is internationally renowned!

Coach Koch.

Coach coach is an old brand established with New York in 1941. It is a brand of leather products and light luxury goods. Coach adheres to pure manual technology to create classic fashion. It is also famous in China, but many people still confuse coach with Gucci. Of course, it won't be when they see the English word mother!

Burberry Burberry.

Burberry Burberry is a British traditional luxury brand founded with Britain in 1856. It was once a British Royal brand! In the early days, burberry Burberry Burberry mainly focused on raincoats, umbrellas and scarves. Later, burberry Burberry Burberry became the spokesman of luxury and quality. Now Burberry bobley knows less people, because this brand is really not affordable for ordinary people. A casual summer shirt is thousands of yuan!

Bottega Veneta Bottega.

Bottegaeneta Bottega Bottega is an old Italian brand with the title of Hermes in Italy. Italian leather crafts have been famous in the world in the early years, and bottegaeneta Bottega Bottega has gathered the best traditional leather craftsmen in Italy to make world-famous leather crafts!

Prada Prada.

The first time I heard this brand, my friend asked me to help her draw a lottery on a treasure, but I thought it was so expensive. Later, after understanding the story behind Prada Prada, I understood why Prada Prada had to sell so expensive! Prada Prada is a major luggage brand in Italy. In those years, prada Prada was very favored by the royal family and upper class society. Now Prada Prada has gone global!

Fendi, Fendi.

Fendi Fendi is also a famous Italian brand, mainly famous for luxurious fur and Baguette classic handbags! Fendi's works have a very advanced feeling at a glance!

Gucci Gucci.

Gucci Gucci is also a world-renowned Italian light luxury brand, focusing on leather goods, shoes, fragrance, watches and jewelry. Gucci Gucci has been the representative of identity and wealth since ancient times!

LV Louis Vuitton.

LV is a popular myth all over the world. All imitation bags are mainly Lv. As long as LV has a new product, many manufacturers will imitate it, and the imitation products are also very expensive!