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Fox anchor invites Liu Xin again. What's the situation? Liu Xin was a "King" 23 years ago

Fox anchor invites Liu Xin again. What's the situation? Why did fox anchor invite Liu Xin again? Fox female anchor invited Liu Xin to participate in the program. It is understood that Liu Xin was a 'King' 23 years ago.

Just now, Tracy tweeted on Fox financial channel to thank cgtn female anchor Liu Xin for participating in the program. She said: 'I agree. This conversation has benefited me a lot. I thank you for your insight. I am very willing to invite you to the program again.'

Relevant reports:

Cgtn female anchor Liu Xin clashes with fox female anchor Cuixi TV

Cgtn female anchor Liu Xin held an open debate with Fox Business Channel female anchor Trish Regan at 8:25 a.m. on May 30 (8:25 p.m. EDT on May 29) on Sino US trade and other related topics.

Liu Xin appeared in Tracy Reagan's "prime time" program through satellite connection in the cgtn Beijing starring studio. This is the first direct confrontation between a Chinese anchor and an American anchor. Foreign media reported that the debate was a great spectacle in the history of television. Tracy said in the program that this is also an unprecedented dialogue in the history of American television and an opportunity for the United States to hear different views.

The two sides held a 16 minute dialogue on fair trade, intellectual property rights, Huawei, tariffs, China's status as a developing country and the so-called "state capitalism" of the United States.

Liu Xin first corrected Tracy's introduction to Liu Xin in the program. Tracy said in the program that she did not represent the trump government, and Liu Xin was the spokesman of the Communist Party of China. Liu Xin corrects the truth. I'm not a communist yet. Today I have a dialogue with you as a reporter of China International Television.

Tracy then asked about the trade negotiations. She asked Liu Xin whether it was possible to reach an agreement between China and the United States. Liu Xin said that if the United States is sincere and respects the Chinese negotiators, it is believed that there will be a good result, because the trade war is unfavorable to both China and the United States.

When Cuixi asked about the so-called Chinese "intellectual property theft" hurting American companies, Liu Xin asked, you can ask the wishes of American companies investing in China and whether they are willing to invest in China. American companies invest in China with huge profits. Liu Xin then said, I admit that there are some cases of infringement of intellectual property rights in China, but they are all problems of companies. Companies in many countries in the world, including the United States, have had such problems. These are only examples. It can not be said that if American companies steal, the United States steals, and if Chinese companies steal, China steals. Liu Xin explained that Chinese society has a broad consensus on strengthening intellectual property protection.