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How does pregnant woman anaemia do to eat what complement blood is quickest?

We all know that pregnant women are special groups. Anemia of pregnant women will not only affect pregnant women themselves, but also affect the fetus. Many pregnant women often feel dizzy, fatigue, tinnitus, pale and so on. Experts said that anemia during pregnancy is usually due to iron deficiency, and iron supplementation is the key. The way to improve anemia is to take more iron containing foods in the diet, ensure the nutritional balance of pregnant women, and cooperate with iron supplementation to speed up blood supply. Below, the small edition will introduce to you some methods of rapid blood supply for anemic and anaemic pregnant women.

Iron supplementation is the key to anemia in pregnant women. During pregnancy, whether anemia or not, we should supplement iron more often. We often eat some animal viscera, such as liver and heart (1-2 times a week, about 22 times a time), and red lean meat, such as beef, pig, sheep and other meat, animal blood (can cook blood tofu soup and so on). These foods have high iron content, are close to the ingredients in human body, and are most easily absorbed. Yolk is also a good iron supplement food.

Meat and vegetable with blood tonic. For anemia during pregnancy, we should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetable. For example, red dates, red beans, blood glutinous rice, black fungus, black sesame and soybeans are plant foods with high iron content. Cook some red date and glutinous rice porridge every week; you can have a bowl of black sesame in the morning and a cup of red date tea in the afternoon. Long term adherence to eating has a certain conditioning effect on anemia, but the iron absorption rate of plants is far lower than that of animal food.

Supplement vitamin C to speed up blood supply. Green vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can promote the absorption of iron and accelerate blood supply. For example, after eating some grapes, apples, or a glass of orange juice, the absorption of iron is greatly improved. Others, such as Flammulina mushroom, longan meat, black beans, carrots, spinach and so on.

After seeing the above methods of quick blood supplement for pregnant women, people with pregnant women at home have a treasure book. Pregnant women in need should try these methods as soon as possible!