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Why does female grow blain before menstruation? The truth!

For many girls, there will be such an experience. On the day or three days before menstruation, there will be a lot of pimples on the face and neck. What's the matter? This problem is believed to haunt the hearts of many MM people. Today, Xiaobian will explain it to you?

1. Oestrogen hyperactivity: since puberty, in the whole reproductive age, the ovaries and endometrium will show periodic changes due to the change of hormone level, resulting in menstruation. In a period of time from ovulation to menstruation, the content of androgen or the ratio of androgen and estrogen is relatively high, which leads to the increase of sebaceous gland activity, so it is easy to cause the aggravation of acne.

2. Excessive sebum secretion: Studies on hair follicle blockage have found that the lipid composition of the skin surface before menstruation is significantly different from that in other periods. The sebaceous duct of the hair follicle is the smallest on the 15th to 20th day of the menstrual cycle (before menstruation), and the sebum secretion is easily blocked, thus aggravating the acne before menstruation.

3. The secretion of luteinizing hormone and egg cell hormone is reduced: in the week before menstruation, the secretion of luteinizing hormone and egg cell hormone is reduced, the physical and mental conditions are unstable, the skin is prone to allergies, roughness, increased oil secretion and acne.

4. Other factors: premenstrual tension, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and poor diet and living habits may also be one of the reasons for inducing or aggravating acne. For the physiological acne, the treatment process must not be the same as ordinary acne, in the acne, we must pay attention to women's endocrine conditioning, only when the endocrine balance, can we control the new acne not long.

How to alleviate?

1. Regulate endocrine: regulate endocrine mainly from diet and exercise, supplemented with drug treatment when necessary, to develop good eating habits, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, high protein food, drink more water, and supplement the water needed by the body; at the same time, participate in various sports exercises to strengthen the physical fitness; also have a scientific life rule, do not stay up late frequently, so as to avoid damaging the normal life In addition, we should pay attention to rest, enough sleep, avoid overwork and excitement, keep the spirit happy, prevent the bad mood from affecting the endocrine system, prevent infection, do not buy plastic products, and try to avoid the harm of environmental hormones.

2. Diet: don't eat too salty food, and try to avoid allergic food, including mango, taro, eggplant and seafood. Eat more magnesium and vitamin B foods such as banana, vitamin C, animal liver, soy milk, honey and boiled water every day, which can improve metabolism.