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Abandoning one's own son for a native chicken twice is not as good as abandoning one's son

Original title: the parents abandoned their own son twice in exchange for two native chickens and 80 eggs

Pay medical expenses, 2 native chickens, 80 eggs & hellip& hellip;

This is a couple in Nanxiong City

The price of sending his own son away.

But then the adoptive parents

After returning the child to his biological parents,

But because the child is disabled,

Abandoned by their biological parents again.

The reporter learned from Nanxiong City People's court yesterday that since the defendant could truthfully confess his crime, plead guilty and repent, he was given a lighter punishment when sentencing, so he sentenced his father Zou to the crime of abandonment and sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and suspended for two years.

Biological parents give their children who have just reached the full moon to their relatives and get 2 native chickens and 80 eggs & hellip& hellip;

At 4:30 a.m. on July 18, 2018, Zou, a citizen living in Nanxiong, drove his men's motorcycle and came to Nanxiong social welfare home with his wife and 6-year-old son Xiao Feng (pseudonym) while it was still dark.

After abandoning his son at the gate of the welfare home, he said to his son, "son, it's mom and dad. I'm sorry for you. Our family is too poor. You're waiting here now. I hope someone with good intentions can continue to take care of you and you won't go hungry." With that, Zou drove his motorcycle and took his wife home without looking back. The young and disabled Xiao Feng didn't know that his parents had abandoned him, but stood at the gate of the welfare home at a loss.

An hour later, Xiaofeng was found by the nearby residents who came out for morning exercise and took him into the welfare home for inquiry. He found that the child could not see or speak. He suspected that he had been abandoned by his parents, so he immediately called the police. A few days later, Zou was arrested by the police.

This is not the first time Zou sent his son Xiaofeng away.

As early as when his son Xiaofeng was just born, Zou showed that he didn't care about Xiaofeng. Because Xiao Feng was ill at birth, he lived in the incubator for a month and took him home for less than half a month. Zou transferred Xiao Feng, who had just reached the full moon, to a distant relative on the grounds that others wanted a child to adopt.

In order to thank Zou and his wife, distant relatives paid medical expenses for Zou's wife and presented some domestic chickens and eggs, so they took the child away. The young Xiao Feng didn't know that he had been traded by his biological parents for other people's house with two native chickens and 80 eggs, and he didn't even settle down in Zou's house and take his name.

Adoptive parents sent their children back for some reason, but they didn't expect & hellip& hellip;

Half a year later, the family responsible for taking care of Xiao Feng returned Xiao Feng to the Zou family because they needed to work in agriculture and were short of manpower, so they couldn't take care of their children. However, Xiao Feng, who returned to Zou's house, was not taken care of by his biological parents.

Until two months later, at a gathering of relatives and friends, the family responsible for taking care of Xiao Feng found that Xiao Feng was injured without treatment. Unable to bear the child's suffering, they took the initiative to take the child back to the hospital for treatment. According to the doctor's diagnosis, Xiaofeng's intellectual development is lower than that of his peers, and Xiaofeng is disabled. In the face of Xiaofeng's situation, the family's family could not give Xiaofeng better care. After Xiaofeng recovered from the fracture of his arm, he sent him back to Zou's house. In this way, the young Xiao Feng prevaricated back and forth between his biological parents and 'adoptive parents' for more than half a year.

During the court hearing, the defendant Zou confessed in court: 'I have to go to the factory to make money to support my family every day. When I get home, I have to take care of several children. My wife is disabled, mentally retarded and has difficulty communicating with others, so I can't go out to work. The son not only can't see, can't speak, and can't walk conveniently, but also has low intelligence and can't take care of himself. I usually need to help him feed and go to the bathroom. It's too troublesome and tired for me to take care of him myself. "

After the judge's popularization and education of Zou, Zou slowly explained his original intention to send the child away. Zou confessed to his abandonment of his son and regretted to the judge: 'my family usually lives on the subsistence allowance and my working income of 2700 yuan a month. Moreover, there are the eldest daughter with cleft lip, the eldest son who is studying, and the youngest daughter who has just been born for a few months. At present, the family really has no money to see Xiao Feng, so they want to send him away and let others take care of him. They want to send him to the welfare home and at least give him a bite of food. "

Zou said that now he knows the serious consequences of abandoning his child. After taking back his son this time, he will take good care of him and will not send his son out again. Subsequently, Zou wrote the guarantee of no longer breaking the law and committing crimes in court, promising to take good care of his son and compensate Xiaofeng for the love he lost before.

Court: constitute the crime of abandonment! He was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and suspended for two years

The court held that the defendant Zou, who was young, ill and unable to live independently, had the obligation to support and refused to support. The circumstances were abominable, and his behavior constituted the crime of abandonment. In view of the fact that the defendant Zou could truthfully confess his crime after being brought to justice, pleaded guilty and repented, and was given a lighter punishment during sentencing, Zou was sentenced to abandonment and sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and suspended for two years.

After the sentencing, Zou deeply blamed himself for his criminal act of abandoning his son, and was ashamed that he did not fulfill his father's responsibilities and obligations.

[judge's statement]

Article 21 of the marriage law stipulates that parents have the obligation to raise and educate their children; Children have the obligation to support their parents. When parents fail to fulfill their obligations of upbringing, minor children or children who cannot live independently have the right to ask their parents to pay upbringing fees.

In addition, Article 10 of the law on the protection of Minors stipulates that parents or other guardians shall create a good and harmonious family environment and perform their duties of guardianship and upbringing of minors according to law. Domestic violence against minors, maltreatment and abandonment of minors, infanticide and other acts of maiming infants, and discrimination against female minors or minors with disabilities are prohibited.

Article 261 of the criminal law stipulates that whoever refuses to support an old, young, sick or other person who has the obligation to support him, if the circumstances are flagrant, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance. In this case, Zou not only failed to fulfill his responsibility as a father, but also failed to fulfill his due upbringing obligations to his son Xiaofeng, who was disabled and unable to take care of himself. Instead, he abandoned Xiaofeng. Zou's behavior has violated the criminal law and was investigated for criminal responsibility.