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What does mother single flower mean? What stem? If you're single by strength, you still have to spen

What does mother single flower mean? What stem? Recently, all kinds of network language are always pouring in! Mother single flower means that she has been born for more than 20 years. She is single by strength and has to spend money every month.

I believe many people were confused when they saw the word at the beginning. They thought it was a stem of what dialect to sell sprouts. Peony and mother Danhua sounded very similar, but the meaning of mother Danhua should be more connotative! According to the analysis of the meaning of each word, the mother single flower seems to be: the mother and fetus have been born for more than 20 years, single by strength, and spend it every month!

What kind of stem is the mother single flower

The stem of mother's single flower is the abbreviation of one sentence. It means that she has been single since birth and has to spend money. That is to say, she is not only single, but also in debt. It's too miserable.

The mother single flower also has other explanations. She is single from birth, but she is still a flower. This explanation is more accepted. The similar stem of female single flower should be maternal fetal solo. If it refers to another kind of single birth, it's too poor to think about it.