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How to view the personal track of Tencent QQ? The QR code entrance is another wave of memory killing

Will you query your QQ personal track? Although many people like to chat on wechat, do you still miss the green time that QQ spent with us? Tencent QQ, born in 1999, is definitely a memory of the Post-70s, 80s and 90s, and this year also ushered in the 20th anniversary of QQ's launch. Recently, Tencent has also quietly launched the 'QQ personal track' page, where you can view your Q age and related memories. Is it another wave of memory killing?

The author has spent 13 years on QQ

Do you remember the good memories of staying up late and stepping on each other?

At present, the function of QQ online is to summarize and present the data records of users for N years, including how many days they have logged in, how many avatars they have changed, how many friends they have added, how many people have come to your space, etc. I wonder if the Q friends who have spent more than ten years can remember those memories of youth? If you want to view your memories, you can scan the QR code below!

Mobile QQ scan code to view your QQ personal track

QQ can be said to be the most successful social software in China. 20 years after its birth, it has brought social entertainment to the extreme. However, with the birth of wechat 12 years later, QQ, which was thought to be inseparable for a lifetime, has become a dusty memory of many people. Stealing vegetables in the middle of the night and robbing the golden car for parking space have become lingering memories. I believe the launch of the 'QQ personal track' page has also brought many people back to more than 10 years. The author also takes this opportunity to take you to recall those beautiful moments.

It is said that the smallest user who has seen this interface will be three

In 2000, OICQ was officially renamed QQ, and the logo at that time was very close to the logo used now. Users can already set nicknames and avatars, but the chat interface is still very simple. Some netizens joked that people who have seen this interface may be old. I still remember that when the QQ number application channel was closed, it was also a very face-to-face thing to have a QQ number at that time.

QQ Avatar

Compared with the current animated avatars, dozens of alternative cartoon avatars became the only choice for tens of millions of people. Do you want to be an uncle or a cute sister? Your positioning is all in these dozens of avatars.

QQ nickname that people like to use in those years

And giving QQ a name has become a university question. There is not only a specially named website, but also everyone racked their brains in order to name it. In my father's words, if you want to have this spirit, you will have been admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University long ago. In those days, a large number of 'gentle boys' and' crystal girls' hid behind the big head computer, chatted excitedly with netizens and expressed their feelings to each other, and a group of members with 'buried love № family' hung around a QQ group in a unified nickname format to plan the big events of the family.

Now it seems that the QQ show full of 'non mainstream' atmosphere felt beautiful in those years

With the beautification of QQ interface, the function of QQ show as network personal image display appears. Remember the time when QQ show was more expensive and non mainstream than who's QQ show? I still remember that I saved and saved money from dozens of Yuan's pocket money to buy red diamonds in order to change more QQ shows. It seems very childish today, but it was too happy more than 10 years ago.

The launch of QQ space makes most people have a 'home' on the Internet

As soon as QQ space is launched, most people have a 'home' on the network. Friends stepping on each other's space is all the rage. Many visitors prove that you are popular. In order to make our 'home' look good, we dress up the space differently through skin, pendant, animation and music, and even 'lovers' space'. Here, we record every bit of our youth in the form of diary, status and photos, and look at the immature words more than ten years ago.

It was also a great fun to open more icons than anyone else. Now it's really 'brainwashing' to think about it

I don't know when to open icons has become a major project of everyone's' Competition '. For an icon, crazy recharge Q coins, and even find someone to open them. There is no lack of experience of being' stolen 'by swindlers. Now look back at the madness of that year. I really feel that I was' brainwashed' by QQ.

In those years, we must compete with each other to get to a sun first

At the same time, there was also a competition project that people participated in with great interest, that is, hanging the QQ level. At first, it was recorded through the online time. Many people opened the computer for 24 hours and hung the level crazily. Even hanging the level on behalf of others has become a profitable business. The first sentence we meet is how many qq levels you have.

QQ pet, once again moved the reality to the virtual network

Now look at the routine of Tencent in those years. In fact, in an infinite simulated real society, with a home, clothes, of course, a pet, bathing and feeding it, watching it grow up and upgrade, until Tencent announced that it was offline last year.

The legendary golden car was enough to envy everyone

How many people have formed the 'good habit' of staying up late on QQ farm

Grab parking spaces, QQ farm, QQ ranch, QQ supermarket, QQ restaurant and other small games, so that QQ is completely popular. You'd rather not go to work or sleep than set an alarm clock. You get up and steal vegetables and gold coins. It's really up to 99 and down to just go. The upsurge of stealing vegetables by the whole people has set off. Although vegetables can't be seen, it's fun to steal them. But I don't know when these once irresistible social games, together with and, have been gradually forgotten by everyone. Although QQ space still retains these games, few people play them.

QQ racing kart brothers

How many keyboards did you break in QQ dazzle dance

Tencent's real glory comes from its R & D and agent games. With its huge user base, Tencent will do whatever it wants, and almost 100% of the Games launched have become full-blown models. However, many netizens make complaints about the popular game launched by Tencent, which has since begun to label the "draw on".