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Did you notice these two times for the quick drying method of cellophane?

Glass glue is a kind of adhesive. When it is used, it will give off a pungent smell. After it is cooled, the pungent smell will gradually dissipate. However, the cooling process is often slow. If we use glass glue indoors, we must pay attention to ventilation so that the gas can evaporate quickly. Next, Xiaobian introduces how to quickly dry the glass glue, hoping to help you.

Adhesion time, the curing time of glass adhesive is from the surface to the interior, and the curing time of different characteristics of glass adhesive is different, so to repair the surface must be carried out on the surface of glass adhesive. However, from the surface, we can know why the neutral transparent adhesive is more expensive than other adhesive with the same performance. Although the neutral adhesive is the same, the transparent is different from other color materials.

Curing time, the curing time of glass glue depends on the thickness of glass glue. If it is 15mm thick acid glass glue, it usually takes 3-5 days. If the place where the glass glue is used is totally or partially closed, the curing time shall be determined by the tightness of the sealing. In an absolutely closed place, it is possible to remain uncured forever. If the temperature is increased, the glass glue will become soft. The gap between metal and metal bonding surface shall not exceed 30mm.

Xiaobian should remind you that when we use it, we should try to avoid contact with eyes, skin and other parts, and do not let the glass glue into the eyes. Therefore, when using glass glue, we can cover our eyes with a protective cover.

The above are the two times we should pay attention to in the process of rapid drying of glass glue. When using glass glue, we can take targeted measures according to different situations. Have you learned after reading the above introduction?