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How should toothache of children relieve quickly?

Because children like to eat sugar, their teeth are easily eroded by cavities. At this time, in addition to taking our children to the dental hospital in time to mend their teeth, we can also use a few small methods to deal with sudden toothache. After all, toothache is not a disease. It's deadly. Children are more sensitive to pain, and they can't stand it anymore. Next, Xiaobian will give you four ways to relieve toothache.

the first move -- ginger to stop toothache. Ginger is believed to be available in every family's kitchen. When you have toothache, you can use ginger to relieve pain. This should be the simplest way to relieve pain. Ginger has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. When you have toothache, go to the kitchen to take a fresh ginger tablet and bite it at our toothache place. This method is very convenient and can be used even when you sleep.

The second way is to stop toothache with garlic. Garlic is also a necessary seasoning in the kitchen. It also has the effect of relieving toothache. You can mash the garlic first, warm it and then apply it to the toothache place, or you can use the single garlic, simmer the single garlic, slice it and put it on the toothache place while it's hot. This method has a good effect on the toothache caused by tooth decay. We can also directly insert the warm, small amount of garlic into the cavity.

The third way is to stop toothache. Drinking hurt the body, but when toothache can use white wine to relieve pain. Pour some white wine into the cup, and then add some salt, stir evenly. After the salt dissolves, it will be contained in the mouth, preferably in the place of pain. Pay attention to it and don't swallow it, so the toothache can be stopped soon The fourth way -- monosodium glutamate to stop toothache. Monosodium glutamate is the most common seasoning. It is not only used for seasoning, but also has the effect of relieving toothache. When toothache occurs, you can apply a small amount of monosodium glutamate directly to the toothache, or mix monosodium glutamate with warm water, and then wash it in water for several times continuously, and the toothache will be well relieved. ,

Have you learned a lot after reading the above small ways to relieve toothache? When toothache, might as well take these little tricks out to try!