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There is a magic way to relieve rheumatoid, to relieve your rheumatoid suffering

Up to now, we don't know what the cause of rheumatoid is. It is characterized by small joints such as hands and feet. The specific manifestation is deformity of hands and feet, which leads to loss of function. Although I don't know the specific cause of rheumatism, some tips have great effect on alleviating rheumatism. Next, I'll introduce these tips to you, let's take a look.

One of the best ways to alleviate rheumatoid: proper exercise. Patients with rheumatoid disease often give up exercise because of pain, which is actually wrong. If you don't exercise for a long time, it will cause muscle atrophy, joint stiffness and other symptoms, aggravating your own condition. During the period of illness, proper exercise should be carried out to effectively alleviate rheumatoid. You can move your wrists and wrists and try to move your fingers and toes. You can't do it for the sake of pain. At the beginning of doing it, you may feel pain. After doing it for several times, you can feel that your hands and feet are more flexible, which can effectively alleviate your rheumatoid.

Two wonderful ways to alleviate rheumatoid: diet therapy. This method only needs two flavors, one is supplement, the other is cancel. Supplement is to eat more food rich in some substances that are relatively lacking in the body of rheumatoid patients, or to eat more food that has an effect on alleviating rheumatoid disease, such as fish oil and evening primrose oil, or to drink more Chinese herbal auxiliary treatment of activating meridians and collaterals. The elimination method is to remove foods that are not conducive to the condition of rheumatoid patients. Generally speaking, there is no food that rheumatoid patients can't eat, because there is no scientific basis for the disease that rheumatoid is related to food.

Method 3: massage. Massage has a good relieving effect on rheumatoid patients. If you can wake up and massage yourself, you'd better not fake it and do it yourself, which is more conducive to alleviate your illness. If you can't do it yourself, ask for help from others.