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What's the matter with Boeing CEO's apology? Boeing CEO acknowledges deficiencies in application

What's the matter with Boeing CEO's apology? What about Boeing CEO apology? Many friends don't know yet. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

What's the matter with Boeing CEO's apology

According to Agence France Presse, on May 30, Boeing chief executive Mike mullenberg admitted in an interview with Columbia company Television (CBS) that the company had "obvious deficiencies" in dealing with the hidden 737 Max aircraft, and said that the company had not fully communicated with the regulatory authorities.

After two crashes that killed 346 people and grounded the plane around the world, mullenberg accepted an interview for the first time and apologized to the families of the victims. Boeing CEO mullenberg also said that the grounding of Boeing 737 Max will be extended to at least mid to late August. In the interview, he mentioned that this incident also had a great impact on Boeing and its individuals.

Boeing CEO acknowledges deficiencies in application

In the CBS interview, mullenberg was asked why Boeing failed to notify the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that Boeing had deactivated a sensor within more than a year. In case of disagreement between the aircraft's' angle of attack 'sensor data, this sensor is needed to inform the crew to warn of impending stall. These sensors provide data for the mobility enhancement system (MCAS), which is considered to be associated with two fatal crashes of lion airlines and Ethiopian Airlines. It was not until the lion air crash that the FAA learned the existence of the defect from Boeing, which was more than 13 months since Boeing first found the relevant problem.

Mullenberg has repeatedly denied that there are design defects in the 737 max, but he now admits that there are deficiencies in the application. He told the Columbia company reporter: "it was a mistake to join this angle of attack warning." Our communication work in this regard should not have been carried out like that. " But in an interview, mullenberg made a thorough apology to the families of the flight victims. He said he trusted the plane and 'will let his family board the plane without reservation.' We have confidence in the basic safety of the aircraft. " He said.

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