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What movies are suitable for young people? 2019 inspirational film ranking domestic

Now there are many kinds of films, inspirational and campus love. What are the films suitable for young people? The 2019 inspirational film ranking list is highly recommended in China and will benefit a lot after watching it.

Forrest Gump

The epitome of modern American history. A wordless classic. Life is like a box of chocolates... Classic lines.

Maybe you will feel inferior after entering the workplace. There are too many people who are more capable than you. How humble you are! But you will always be better than Forrest Gump with an IQ of only 70! Not everyone can become Forrest Gump. We are all ordinary people. If we can, set a goal for ourselves and keep going.

When happiness knocks at the door

You just got your college diploma. You're ambitious and want to show your skills in your career, but the process of looking for a job gradually extinguishes your ambition. There are as many people with higher education, ability and power than you. What should I do when I run into a wall? At this time, you can watch the film. Think about it, you are better than will & middot; Smith's leading actor, all right! He was able to set foot in a completely inexperienced field under such difficult circumstances, and finally won the approval of the top. Believe in yourself, he can, you can!

Jump out of my world

Do you have such a problem that you don't like the job you're looking for, or it doesn't match the major you've worked hard to learn in college and doesn't interest you at all, will you compromise? Look at this film. The 11-year-old son of a miner, faced with the tradition that the boys at home must practice boxing, he dared to challenge, insisted on practicing his favorite ballet that the poor people could not expect, and finally his dream came true. Take a look, a child has such determination and courage, so how would you choose?

The queen in Prada

As a newcomer, you may meet a boss like a devil. What should you do? You might as well learn from the heroine in this film. If you like this job, work hard and show yourself desperately to win the favor of your boss; If you don't like it anymore, why not fire the boss smartly!

Angel Emily

As a newcomer, coming to a new environment may be excluded and left out. If you want to have a good interpersonal relationship, maybe you can take the initiative to care for others and make some small efforts like Emily, even if it comes with a smile or a thank you, but the good interpersonal relationship you gradually establish will get twice the result with half the effort.

Brave heart

The epic film has a deep and dignified theme, but it is light and lively. The scene is grand, the visual and musical effects are first-class, beautiful and smooth. Although the final outcome is regrettable, it is tragic enough to infect all the audience. Freedom! The cry before the execution in merjeep forest is still ringing in my ears.

Million dollar baby

For the whole film, as director Eastwood said, this is not a story about boxing, but a story about hope, dream and love. After watching this film, I believe you will know that the great victory at this year's Oscar ceremony is really deserved.

Dancer in the dark

A soul shaking film, with the penetration of the abyss, is a rare classic in song and dance films. Reality and ideal, persistence and faith, the theme is profound and suffocating.

King of comedy

The bitter journey of the little man is a true portrayal of Stephen Chow himself. If people live without ideals, what is the difference between them and salted fish?

A close call

Although some people commented that the ending of "critical moment" finally fell into the stereotype, it did not affect it to become an excellent mainstream inspirational film. This movie tells us that you can't know yourself, but you must believe him or her, because everything is possible.