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What are the house transfer scams? Transfer scams occur frequently. Don't hurry to have a look

House transfer has always been a big problem. Moreover, there are a series of deceptions in house transfer. People who don't know these will suffer a lot... So, what are the house transfer scams? Transfer scams occur frequently. Don't hurry to have a look!

what are the house transfer scams? Trick 1: stir up the tension

Scalpers will claim that it is difficult to make an appointment. It is not that professionals cannot get the number. They must entrust them to handle it, so as to charge a high fee. " Because there are a lot of people making appointments, although the appointment cycle has been extended, the system works normally. " The relevant person in charge reminded that the applicant can learn about the reservation through the official website of the center. In case of special problems, contact the staff of the center to help solve them. Don't trust rumors to avoid being deceived.

Trick 2: a normal appointment is called 'Jiasai'

Using the characteristics of the system to make a normal appointment, but pretending to use technical means to 'plug', which is also one of the usual means of criminals. According to the system design, once a person makes a successful appointment, he can't make a repeat appointment. After obtaining the relevant information of the applicant, some criminals successfully made an appointment in advance, but did not inform the applicant. Subsequently, these people will call the applicant, saying they want to hire 'hackers' and' plug ', use the applicant's anxious psychology to improve the reward code, cheat the applicant and charge high fees.

In response to such problems, the relevant person in charge said that when making an appointment, the system shows that the reservation has been successful, but the applicant does not know the reservation password and cannot print the reservation form. You can call the center's consultation telephone 85839922 or go to the site to query and print the reservation form.

Trick 3: give you a fake website

Since the real estate transactions in Chaoyang District became hot again, rumors of scalpers asking for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even 200000 yuan have appeared from time to time. In view of this situation, relevant departments have also begun to investigate. " According to relevant channel information, we found that there was a bad fraud means - the applicant opened the reservation system provided by cattle, only the legal holidays showed that the appointment was not expired, and the other dates could not be reserved. " A person in charge said. This clue shows that suspected criminals deliberately make false reservation websites to defraud money. At present, the real estate registration center has reported the case to the local public security department. The relevant person in charge also reminded the applicant to log in to the correct reservation website and not directly log in to the reservation website opened by others.

Trick 4: pretending to have no number at the scene

In addition to the first-hand house, second-hand house and bank mortgage registration business, other business types of real estate registration, such as husband and wife renaming, inheritance, court judgment, change, non bank mortgage registration, etc., adopt on-site issuance. These numbers are unlimited on that day. You can do as much as you get. However, the applicant did not understand the number taking process, so some illegal personnel lied about the limit, and then charged for the number taking. The reporter learned that the office hall does not work outside except for internal learning on Wednesday afternoon. The on-site issuing time on other working days is from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 16:00. The real name system is also implemented for on-site number selection and associated business information.