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How to handle the catering license? List of procedures for handling food business license

In the past two years, with the improvement of living standards, there are more and more small restaurants on the market. So how to open a catering license? See the process of handling food business license.

Catering service license, business license and tax registration certificate are required.

After finding the store, don't rush to sign the contract,

First, ask the landlord for a copy of the real estate certificate to see if the house in the store is used for "commercial and residential" purposes,

You'd better go to the industrial and commercial department to inquire whether the store can apply for a business license,

Because it is very troublesome to apply for a business license for a house of residential nature, what 'housing to business' procedures should be carried out.

(if the landlord is worried about giving you a copy, you'd better go to the industrial and commercial department with the landlord for consultation)

Then there is the business license

Personally, I suggest you have a business license for individual businesses,

Because the procedure of applying for a self-employed business license is simple and the cost is low. It only costs 23 yuan,

In the future, the annual license verification procedures are also convenient.

1. First, go to the industrial and commercial department to get the name pre approval notice (determine the name of your store)

2. Take the original and copy of the name pre-approval notice and other materials (the house property certificate of the store and the copy of the lease contract, ID card and copy, etc.) to the local food and drug administration at the county and district level to apply for the catering business license (the hygiene license you mentioned is the previous regulation, At present, the food and drug supervision and administration department issues the certificates of catering stores, and the health department is only responsible for public health,

The operator on the business license needs to obtain a health certificate. It seems that at least two people need to obtain a health certificate. The cost of handling a health certificate here is 100 yuan / piece. The cost of handling this certificate is about several hundred yuan.

Handling this certificate may require on-site inspection (I'm sure to conduct on-site inspection here). It is recommended to ask the above departments to guide how to decorate the kitchen and ask for clear requirements, otherwise you will have to do it again after you decorate it, which will be bad & hellip& hellip;

In addition, if it takes a long time to apply for the catering business license, it should be handled as soon as possible. The cost of applying for the catering business license varies from place to place

3. Run the catering business license and go to the industrial and commercial department to apply for the industrial and commercial business license.

General information: my ID card photo, ID card and copy, copy of real estate certificate of the store (land certificate or real estate certificate, etc.), lease contract and copy of the store, original and copy of catering operation license,

If the materials are complete and meet the requirements of your administration for Industry and commerce, you can usually get them in about a week. The cost of running a self-employed business is 23 yuan

If you are not a local, you may need to provide family planning certificates and other materials.

If you don't know where to go, the industrial and commercial bureau or the industrial and commercial office, or the administrative service center for a business license, you can ask the owner of the next store.

4. Apply for the tax registration certificate from the local tax and national tax departments within 30 days after obtaining the business license. The business license, real estate certificate, lease contract, ID card and copies are required, which is 15 yuan / certificate

Self employed households generally pay fixed tax, and both national tax and local tax are fixed tax.

There are many standards for the collection of fixed tax for individual households, not only the business items, but also the store area. It is the result of comprehensive calculation. The specific tax amount depends on the local economic development level, the road section where your shop is located, as well as the business scale, business items and the rent of the shop. The situation varies from place to place, so it is difficult to say exactly how much it is.

If the tax department determines that your monthly turnover is less than 5000 yuan, you don't have to pay national tax. You only need to pay local tax. If you are determined that your monthly turnover is more than 5000 yuan, you have to pay national tax and local tax.

Personally, it's very useful to have a good relationship with the special managers of the tax bureau who pay your quota and entertain them.