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How to identify the authenticity of Huawei's second-hand products? How to distinguish a second mobil

When we buy mobile phones, we are most worried about buying second-hand mobile phones or refurbished machines. How can Huawei's second-hand ones be identified as true and false? How to distinguish a second mobile phone from a refurbished one? Let's take a look at how to view the production date of mobile phones.

Method / step 1:

We swipe the screen on the desktop of Huawei mobile phone to find the 'Settings' icon of Huawei mobile phone.

Click to open the setting page of Huawei mobile phone, and click the 'system' menu item in the page.

Then, on the open system page, we click the menu item 'about mobile phone'.

Then in the open close mobile phone page, we click the setting item of 'status message'.

At this time, the status message page will pop up. You can see the serial number of the mobile phone in the page. The 6th and 7th digits of the serial number are the production year of the mobile phone, the 8th digit is the production month, January to September respectively, October, November and December are represented by ABC respectively, and the 9th and 10th digits are the production date. For example, the author's mobile phone was produced on October 22, 18, so we can distinguish whether it is a second mobile phone or a refurbished one according to the production date and purchase date.

Method / step 2:

In addition, we can also find and click the 'dial' icon on the mobile phone.

Then in the dialing page that opens, we enter * #06# the character.

In this way, we can also view the SN serial number of the mobile phone and view the production date of the mobile phone through the serial number.