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What are the highest grossing movies? Ranking of the world's highest box office films in 2019

Usually, the box office is a very important factor to measure the quality of a film. So, what are the highest grossing movies? Let's learn about the ranking of the world's highest box office films in 2019.

Titanic ($2187 million)

Titanic, also directed by Cameron, premiered in 1997 and won the 70th Academy Award for best picture. The film is also very classic, creating a box office of $2.1 billion, but in 2009, "Avatar" surpassed it to the top of the list.

Avatar ($2788 million)

"Avatar" can be said to have created a miracle in the film industry, with a total box office of $2.7 billion, surpassing the previous "Titanic" with a box office of $2.1 billion. Directed by Cameron, the film has three styles: 2D / 3D / imax3d.

Avengers 3: unlimited War ($2044 million)

This film is the third in the Avengers series and the 19th in Marvel films. The film premiered in the United States in May this year. It is also the season that all marvel superheroes staged the world war together. The global box office of the film reached US $2044 million, becoming the fourth in the world.

Star Wars 7: Awakening of the force ($2068 million)

This film is the seventh film of Star Wars. It premiered in December 2015 and was released in China in January 2016. The film was released by Disney film studio and grossed $2.068 billion worldwide.

Jurassic world ($1671 million)

Jurassic world is the fourth film of Jurassic Park. It is a science fiction film jointly created by universal pictures and legend. The movie was released in Chinese mainland in 2015, and the world's total box office reached 1 billion 671 million dollars, ranking fifth in the global film.

Well, after watching it, which movie do you think is the best? Welcome to leave comments.

The Avengers

Box office: $1519 million

Once, the $1.5 billion global box office has been famous in history, but now it can only be regarded as a hot topic.

The Avengers, once the third highest grossing film in film history, has now fallen to the sixth position.

However, the film has well completed the historical figures. If the film universe era is opened, people will not forget this classic film.

Speed and passion 7

Box office: $1.516 billion

"Super 8" has made a lot of money in China, but the highest box office in the world is the seventh part of the series.

This is undoubtedly for Paul & middot; Walker's best farewell. It is said that the filmmaker intends to find Paul's brother to make Brian o \'conner comeback. If the fans are not disgusted, the tenth final song of 'quick thrill' is likely to break the box office record of the series.

Avengers 2: the age of altruism

Box office: $1.405 billion

The unsatisfactory reputation did not stop the film's ability to attract money. The achievement of more than $1.4 billion was enough to make the film stronger in the top ten than this year.

But in fact, the performance of "Fu Lian 2" in North America is not satisfactory. It depends more on the overseas box office. This is enough to prove that Marvel's charm has covered the whole world.


Box office: $1342 million

"Panther" with great stamina not only reached the top three box office in North American film history, but also successfully surpassed "Ha 7" and came to the ninth place in the global box office.

This achievement is not only because of the 'political correctness' of Black heroes, but also the attraction of Marvel's film universe. You should know that after the release of "Fulian 3" in North America, the box office of "Panther" is on the rise, because now almost everyone knows that the stories of the two films are connected.

This will also become a typical successful case of cosmic model films. It is no accident that there will be more films in the future.

Harry & middot; Porter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2)

Box office: $1342 million

The final song of the Harry Potter series, which still ranked eighth last year, has been squeezed to the 10th place, and $1.342 billion has become a new threshold for the top 10 box office in film history.

Fans may have to worry that this film will be difficult to keep this position this year, and blockbusters such as Jurassic world 2 are eyeing it. Even if it can survive this year, Warner will basically be robbed of a seat by Disney as soon as next year's Fulian 4 and Star Wars 9 come out.

However, Hami people don't have to despair. If the derivative series' magical animals' can maintain the standard, it can have a climax in the fifth part of the series, and there is still hope to get back a top ten box office in film history for the magic world.