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Operation icebreaker VIP finale tonight! How's the ending of Zhao Jialiang and Lin Yaodong

Operation icebreaker VIP finale tonight! How's the ending of Zhao Jialiang and Lin Yaodong? Tonight, a real national drama based on China's major anti drug case - Thunder's "12.29 special action" against drugs. With ups and downs of plot clues and real hard core shooting techniques, the drama reproduces the difficult detection process of thunder's "12.29 special action" to the public. After broadcasting, it quickly captures the eyes of netizens, which has also become one of the highlights of tonight's finale.

The list flew together to watch the first public praise, and the whole network was hot

As a national drama to restore the real case of China's major anti drug cases, "ice breaking action" made a strong start with Douban's good score of 8.5, and then achieved good ratings. Cctv-8 "ice breaking action" had a ratings of 1.80%, a ratings share of 7.72%, a single episode's highest ratings of 2.09% and a single episode's highest share of 8.34% on May 29! Gorgeous broken 2! Iqiyi's heat value exceeded 9000! During the broadcast of the series, the related topics of ice breaking action were boarded micro-blog tiktok, know the beans, and the big platform of shaking the ice. The Baidu Index of "ice breaking action" reached 725000 +, and the headline index exceeded 130 million. Such a heat explosion and the success of the whole network all announce that "ice breaking operation" has become the most popular national drama in 2019.

The ice breaking operation finally closed the net, and the thunder went out to clean the tower stronghold

"Ice breaking operation" ushered in a grand finale tonight. In addition to what sanctions will be imposed on all relevant personnel involved in the operation of tazhai drug making network, the final outcome of Li Fei and others has also triggered various speculation among netizens. After several twists and turns, can the father and son who finally recognize each other successfully complete the operation and leave the tower stronghold? Ma Wen (MA Yujie) who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition was born or died? After learning the truth about the death of his son Lin Sanbao and receiving the last call from his nephew Lin Shengwu, Lin Zonghui (Gong Lei) finally turned against his brother! What will the outcome of Uncle Hui facing Lin Yaodong (Wang Jinsong)? The fate of each character worries the audience.

In tonight's finale, tazhai village has become the center of the whole action, and all the wonderful duels are staged here one by one! In Lin Yaodong's fury, the gun pointed at Lin Zonghui and pressed him step by step. Unexpectedly, he wanted to hurt his dead hand?

Seeing the critical moment when blood was about to spill on the spot, Ma Yunbo (Zhang Xilin) suddenly appeared in the center of the struggle vortex and took Li Fei, Zhao Jialiang and Lin Yaodong first! How did he avoid the heavy control of Li Weimin (Wu Gang) and come to the tower stronghold alone? Is this act to repay kindness or to save yourself? Will his unauthorized actions disrupt Li Weimin's final network collection plan? The answer will be revealed soon!

"Ice breaking operation" not only restores the process of reconnaissance and detection of China's major drug enforcement cases, but also depicts many flesh and blood characters. The tribute to the mosaic life of the anti drug police, the discussion of human nature and the profound display of the harm of drugs in this play have left a lot of thinking and emotion while chasing the play. Whether Li Fei and his son can usher in happy ending, and whether Ma Yunbo will reverse the 'white washing', whether the layout of Li bureau can be completed smoothly, what is the outcome of Lin Zonghui, and whether Ma Wen is alive or dead? At 19:30 tonight, we will lock in iqiyi hero theater. All questions will be seen at the grand finale of operation ice breaking.