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Are the things on vipshop genuine? How to identify the authenticity of things bought in vipshop?

Although people are now very comfortable with the online shopping model, and a variety of platforms are emerging one after another, no matter which platform they buy on, the problem that people are most concerned about is whether the goods they buy are genuine, so are the things on vipshop genuine? How to identify the true and false of things bought in vipshop?

You know, no matter which platform, even the largest Taobao can't avoid fake goods. Although vipshop has always advertised the guarantee of 100% authentic products, many consumers still buy a lot of imitations, so Xiaobian will talk to you about this problem today.

You know, it's easy to buy fake goods when buying things online, because we can only understand the goods through pictures and evaluation. If we buy goods in vipshop, we all know that some goods have no evaluation. Therefore, when buying, there is even a lack of ways to understand. We can only place an order with the naked eye and trust in the platform.

Therefore, when purchasing, young partners can choose to search on other websites. Others have opinions on this product. They can also query this platform through the website I want to look at the magic mirror to see if others have been cheated by this product. You can even choose to ask your relatives, friends and partners for multi-party consultation, so as to reduce the probability of buying fake goods after synthesizing most of the opinions.

You should know that if you buy cosmetics at vipshop, although the price is very favorable and real, if you doubt the authenticity of this cosmetics, you can actually send your cosmetics to the Administration for Industry and commerce or an organization with this qualification for product quality appraisal, Because we should know that the products promised to be sold in vipshop must be genuine after strict review, and they have been underwritten by China Pacific Insurance Company.

Therefore, if you are not genuine after sending it for inspection, you can obtain the compensation for the full price of the purchased goods through some legal procedures of the insurance company within 90 days after receiving the goods.