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How long before the loan can be approved? What are the basic conditions of commercial housing mortga

Now, after all, the pressure of life is generally quite large, so it is a wise choice to buy a house with a loan. It is also forced by the situation. Then, how long will it take for the down payment to buy a house before the loan can be approved? What are the basic conditions of commercial housing mortgage loan?

Procedures and procedures for individual housing commercial loans:

1、 Basic conditions of commercial housing mortgage loan

1. The borrower has stable occupation and income, good credit and the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan;

2. The purchased house is located in cities and towns (including urban areas, counties and large market towns) and is in principle the borrower's current residence, work and business place;

3. The commercial housing sales contract has been signed with the developer. According to the personal credit situation, the down payment proportion specified by the bank has been paid, with a minimum of more than 30%;

4. The loan amount is determined according to the borrower's credit status, occupation, education level, repayment ability, liquidity of the purchased housing, etc.

5. Agree to handle the mortgage registration of pre purchased commercial housing first, and promise to use the purchased housing as loan mortgage and go through the mortgage registration formalities again after the purchased housing is completed and the real estate certificate is obtained;

2、 Information required

1. Three originals and copies of the applicant's and spouse's ID cards and household register (if the applicant and spouse do not belong to the same household register, a marriage certificate shall be attached);

2. Commercial housing sales contract signed between the buyer and the company;

3. One original and one copy of advance payment receipt for 30% or more of the house price;

4. Income certificate of the buyer (provided by the bank and placed in the sales office);

5. If the borrower is a legal person, it shall carry a valid business license for enterprise legal person or business legal person license, identity certificate of legal representative, financial statements and loan card. If it is a joint-stock enterprise, it is also necessary to provide the company's technical articles of association and the mortgage certificate approved by the board of directors;

6. One copy of the developer's collection account number.