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What if the annual examination of taxi operation certificate expires? Provisions on annual examinati

Now running a taxi also needs a taxi operation certificate. Some netizens asked what to do if the annual examination of the taxi operation certificate expires? Xiaobian has sorted out the relevant materials. Let's learn about the provisions of 2019 annual examination of taxi operation certificate.

the lifetime use of the individual operation certificate is only a replacement for a new car when the car reaches its age (the taxi with the operation certificate is still the original).

The company's operation certificate is also lifelong, but when changing vehicles, the company recovers the operation certificate and sells it again. The main difference between the two is that the cost is different. The physical operation certificate only needs to pay a fee of more than 20000 yuan every 10 years (we do not know whether it is the same in other places), and the car with the company operation certificate has to pay a certain management fee of the company every month, which is also called part money. You can inquire about the monthly management fee of the local rental company, and then you can calculate the difference between the individual operation certificate and the company operation certificate.