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What are the differences between sports watches and bracelets? List of sports watches and bracelets

When it comes to smart wearable devices, some people think of smart watches, while others think of smart bracelets. Many people are also very tangled when buying. They don't understand the differences between sports watches and bracelets? Let's take a look at the evaluation of sports watches and bracelets.

Unlike bracelets, there is basically no difference in appearance between bracelets. The gap between bracelet and watch in appearance is still very large. But as a patient with choice difficulty, these two shapes are really equal. Which do you think is better?

First of all, the glory Bracelet 4 must be larger on the screen. Its 0.95 AMOLED touch screen is large in the bracelet, not to mention compared with watch X. But this is not the point of comparison.

Because they have many differences, it is very difficult to compare them.

It can only be compared in function.

First, the glory Bracelet 4 with a large color screen can display 45 Chinese characters. SMS, wechat and QQ can be viewed directly in the bracelet.

Reminders commonly used in life, such as direct reminders of meetings, birthdays and phone calls, and harassing phone calls can also be identified. Thanks to the large color screen, glory Bracelet 4 can directly view information when both hands are occupied or it is inconvenient to hold the mobile phone.

Glory Bracelet 4 is also a 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring function.

Glory Bracelet 4 has made a major breakthrough in hardware and algorithm, realizing full-time real-time continuous heart rate monitoring, 7x24 hours without intermission; Heart rate monitoring results in seconds, with speed and accuracy overwhelming most bracelets on the market. Even during exercise, the glory Bracelet 4 can feed back the exercise heart rate in real time, and the user can adjust the exercise rhythm according to the heart rate for scientific and effective exercise.

Scientific sleep monitoring to maintain vitality all day

Glory Bracelet 4 adopts Huawei trusleep sleep sleep detection technology, which can present 8 kinds of sleep detection data (including light sleep, deep sleep, REM rapid eye movement and wakefulness), identify 6 problems and give hundreds of sleep improvement suggestions. Users can improve their sleep habits and improve their sleep quality according to sleep suggestions, sleep music, soothing decompression and other services on the app.

In addition, the glory Bracelet 4 can automatically identify the tester's sleep time and sleep time. When it is detected that the user enters the sleep mode, it will automatically switch to infrared measurement. For those who like no light at night, it is undoubtedly very considerate.

Unlike other bracelets, glory Bracelet 4 can also recognize the swimming style

Glory Bracelet 4 not only continues the 50m waterproof performance of glory Bracelet 3, but also adds a more professional stroke automatic recognition function.

A number of intimate functions to support Alipay offline payment

As one of the most important functions of bracelet, offline payment function is very important.

Glory Bracelet 4 has NFC payment function, supporting some city bus and subway payment. That is, brush up and go, wipe off the screen quickly, and support Alipay offline payment.

The remote camera function of glory Bracelet 4. Just click on the bracelet and the mobile phone will start taking photos, making the selfie thinner and more beautiful.

Another important aspect of the bracelet is its battery life. No matter how good the function is, the product is also a pit when it is charged every day!

In terms of endurance, glory Bracelet 4 has an intelligent monitoring algorithm to adjust the balance between power consumption and performance according to different activity states; The AMOLED screen is equipped with low power consumption, and the third generation high-performance battery platform also realizes system level optimization. Although the performance of glory Bracelet 4 is upgraded, the endurance experience remains the same. It can be used for 14 days after one charge.

This is the function of glory Bracelet 4. Let's talk about the functions of Lenovo watch x plus.

First of all, the bracelet has the sensor function, and Lenovo watch x plus also has it. The heart rate sensor is in the middle of the back of the dial, and the charging contact is above. Lenovo watch x plus adopts magnetic suction charging.

And like the bracelet, Lenovo watch x plus also supports 80m waterproof, which is 30m more than glory Bracelet 4. Note: it can also be worn when diving. But it is useless for Xiaobian. Because I can't swim. Waterproof function for me, as long as anti splash is enough.

In addition, a small air pressure hole can be seen in the lower left. The air pressure and temperature sensor is also a new function of watch x plus. With it, watch x plus can monitor the air pressure and temperature and better identify more motion scenes. This feature glory Bracelet 4 also has no! It may be a very good help for people who often climb mountains!

It is called smart watch because it has intelligent function. After long pressing the crown for 3 seconds, you can turn on Lenovo watch x plus. After turning on, you can see that a small screen will appear under the dial. Although not as good as the screen of glory Bracelet 4, the basic functions are enough.

Continue to press the watch button for a short time to scroll the date, time and weather and switch the entry mode. Stay in the mode interface you want to view, and the small screen will automatically scroll the contents in the mode.

Lenovo watch x plus has built-in ambient air pressure sensor, ambient temperature sensor, sign heart rate sensor and 9-axis motion sensor (3-axis geomagnetism, 3-axis acceleration and 3-axis gyroscope), which can comprehensively record the internal and external environment and our motion state. In terms of sensor monitoring, glory Bracelet 4 is no more advanced than Lenovo watch plus!

Similarly, the important function of the bracelet - message reminder is also available

Watch x plus can also carry out sedentary reminders and notifications of wechat, QQ, microblog and other messages.

Using a smart watch, in addition to recording steps and exercise status, another important function is sleep monitoring. The sleep monitoring function of glory Bracelet 4 is very perfect. Lenovo also has. The sleep monitoring function of Lenovo watch x plus shows us the time period and length of light sleep and deep sleep, helps us understand our sleep state in more detail and gives sleep analysis suggestions. It can be said that Lenovo watch x plus and glory Bracelet 4 share equally in terms of sensors.

In addition, there is another function I like very much, that is, the watch x plus can remotely control the mobile phone and take remote photos. In this way, even if my hand is not long enough, I can control the mobile phone to take photos from a long distance. Is it particularly familiar? yes! Glory Bracelet 4 also focuses on the function of publicity! The bracelet is functioning normally, and smart watch strap is awesome.

It can be said that except for the NFC offline function, Lenovo watch x plus is basically the same as glory Bracelet 4. If the NFC function is not applicable, there is basically no difference between the two smart wearable devices. Especially when Xiaobian lives in a city like Shenyang where there are not many NFC usage scenarios, it is not very important to have NFC function.

Under the comparison of many aspects, it is basically equal, but one thing is definitely the win of the smart watch. That's endurance!

The endurance of the watch x plus can be as long as 45 days. Such a 'super long endurance' can be said to be the 'Gospel' of the travel party.

In the end, the difference between the two things is the shape and endurance. But I really don't care about these two aspects!