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How to register wechat without a mobile phone number? Latest regulations of Tencent wechat in 2019

If you want to register a new wechat, but you don't have a new mobile phone number to register, how can you register wechat without a mobile phone number? How much do you know about the latest regulations of Tencent wechat in 2019?

You can't apply for wechat without a mobile phone number.

According to 1.2.2 of the specification for the use of wechat personal account, users must register wechat account with the mobile phone number obtained through legal channels. During the registration process, SMS verification shall be carried out and a valid mobile phone number shall be bound.

According to 6.2 of Tencent wechat software license and service agreement, you need to provide some necessary information in the process of registering your account or using this service. For example, in order to provide you with account registration service or user identification, you need to fill in your mobile phone number; The people nearby function requires you to agree to use your geographic location information; The mobile phone address book matching function requires you to authorize access to the mobile phone address book, etc.

If there are special provisions in national laws, regulations or policies, you need to provide real identity information. If the information you provide is incomplete, you will not be able to use the service or will be restricted in the process of using it.

Extended data:

According to Tencent wechat software license and service agreement:

7.1.2 the ownership of wechat account belongs to Tencent. After completing the application for registration, the user only obtains the use right of wechat account, and the use right only belongs to the initial applicant for registration. Meanwhile, the initial applicant for registration shall not donate, borrow, rent, transfer or sell the wechat account, or otherwise permit the non initial applicant to use the wechat account. Non initial registrants shall not use wechat account by donation, inheritance, lease, assignment or any other means.

7.1.3 the user is responsible for properly keeping the registered account information and the security of the account password. The user needs to bear legal responsibility for the registered account and the behavior under the password. The user agrees not to disclose the account and password information to others under any circumstances. When you suspect that others are using your account, you should immediately notify Tencent.

7.1.4 when a user registers a wechat account with a mobile phone number, the system will automatically match the wechat signal for you. You can set the wechat signal, but only once. After setting the wechat signal, it cannot be modified.

7.1.5 if the user does not log in to the wechat account for a long time after registering the account, Tencent has the right to recover the account to avoid waste of resources, and any losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the user.