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How to view the new wechat visitor record? Introduction to viewing steps of wechat visitor records

There is a relationship called 'silent attention'. There is a function on QQ that you can see space visitors and easily understand who is secretly watching you. However, these functions are not available on wechat. How to view the new wechat visitor record? Let's introduce the steps to view wechat visitor records.

With the development of the Internet, there are more and more software that we can entertain. For example, there are some mobile games and some social software. When it comes to social software, wechat is the most popular software in China. Many years ago, when we socialized, we mostly relied on the SMS software provided by the mobile phone, but now we have our own wechat account. In addition to chatting, wechat has many functions that are very practical, such as paying phone bills or mobile payment.

However, many people find that there is a function in wechat that has never been found, that is, they can't see who has paid attention to me. But I heard recently that visitors can be seen now, so how to do it? First of all, we all know that this function is not available on wechat, but we can install some plug-ins to realize this function. The best part of this plug-in is that it can send voice. First, we turn on the voice function, and then record a voice. In this way, the first step is completed. Then we can see it in the right half of wechat.

Circle of friends voice share to the circle of friends, so that we can share the voice link we just recorded to the circle of friends. If we want to see who pays attention to this circle of friends, we can see by clicking the voice link. Many netizens have expressed their views on this. Netizens said that the actual operation is too troublesome, and even some things, such as pictures or videos, can not be sent.

Moreover, many people really want to pay attention. We can praise it. Why do we rely on this method? Some netizens said that it doesn't matter who read me. But can I use pictures as links in practice? Because now, if you see a web page link, you will generally be lazy. What do you think about seeing who pays attention to my functions? Comments are welcome.