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What materials should be prepared for thawing meat stuffing? The best way to thaw meat stuffing is f

Everyone must have had the trouble of thawing meat. They are eager to eat at home, but the meat can't be thawed anymore. What materials do you need to prepare for thawing meat? The best way to thaw meat is fast and effective.

required materials:

A plastic bag with a seal, a rolling pin, meat stuffing to be thawed

Specific methods:

1. First, pour the meat into the plastic bag.

2. Then press the meat stuffing flat by hand until it is spread in the bag.

3. Then use a rolling pin to roll the meat evenly, exhaust the air in the bag, and let the meat spread across the plastic bag. As shown in the figure.

4. Finally, seal the bag and put it into the freezer.

5. When you suddenly want to eat one day, just do this. Prepare a basin of water, take out the frozen meat stuffing, put the whole bag into water and count down for one minute.

6. In less than a minute, the hard meat will thaw and soften. Pour it out like you just bought it.