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What is good for removing oil stains in the kitchen? Inventory kitchen to oil stains 5 Tips

In family life, there are too many oil stains in the kitchen, which is a headache for many people. Removing oil stains is also something we often do. Whether it is glass, screen window, ground, stove, cooker, range hood, etc., it is often shrouded by oil fume and oil stains. What is good for removing oil stains in the kitchen? Here are 5 tips for checking the kitchen to remove oil stains.

Removing glass oil stains. Glass water is sold in the market now. Glass water has a good effect on removing glass oil stains, so we can use glass water to remove glass oil stains. If there is no glass water, we can also choose vinegar, a common condiment in the kitchen. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which can flourish with oil stains and effectively remove oil stains. Vinegar can be coated on rags, Then it is used to wipe the glass. Remove oil stain on screen window

The oil stain on the screen window often gathers a lot of dust, so before cleaning, you can use a broom to remove the dust on the surface. The simplest way is to clean with detergent. You can dilute the detergent, then stir it evenly and clean it with a rag.

Remove the oil stain on the floor. After sweeping the oil stain on the floor with a broom, you can pour some vinegar with a mop for cleaning. For the oil on the cement floor, it is more difficult to remove. Some plant ash can be used for cleaning. Add water to mix the plant ash evenly, and then apply it on it. After a few hours, rinse it with clean water several times, which can effectively remove the oil stain on the cement floor. Remove the oil stain on the stove

During daily cooking, it is easy to splash oil stains on the stove. The oil stains on the stove can be cleaned with rice soup. It is best to smear the sticky rice soup on the stove, and then scrape off the dried rice soup after the rice soup is dry. At this time, the oil stains also fall off with the rice soup, and then wipe it with a wet rag.

When cleaning the range hood, most of our families often disassemble and clean the range hood, which is a very troublesome thing. Next, we introduce a method without disassembly, which can be cleaned with detergent. First, put the detergent into a plastic bottle, and then add an appropriate amount of warm water to mix well. You can pierce several holes in the bottle cap, Then start the range hood and spray the position to be cleaned with detergent. At this time, the oil and dirty water will flow into the oil storage bucket. After the oil storage bucket is full, pour it out and repeat the cleaning. When there is no obvious dirty oil, wash it again. After washing, wipe it dry with a rag. In addition, the net cover can be taken down, washed directly with detergent, and then wiped clean with a rag. Through the above understanding, I think you have some understanding of these decontamination methods. At home, we can try some small methods to remove oil stains, which can help us clean oil stains quickly and provide us with a clean and sanitary kitchen.