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What are the risks of developers renaming houses? Be careful when buying a house

As long as it is a transaction, there will be risks! Buying a house is no exception. After signing the contract, there are also requests for renaming for various reasons. The process is not only complex, but also carries certain risks. What are the risks of renaming a house by a developer? You should be careful when buying a house. You must pay attention!

1. Due to the direct change of the name on the house purchase contract, the first-hand house transaction is usually displayed when handling the certificate. According to the regulations, the first-hand house transaction can pay 20% less individual income tax. Therefore, sometimes, the renaming of the house purchase contract will be regarded as a way to avoid housing transaction taxes. Tax evasion is condemned both legally and morally.

2. China's law stipulates that the pre purchaser of commercial housing is prohibited from transferring the uncompleted pre-sale commercial housing purchased. Before obtaining the house property certificate, the competent department shall not handle the transfer and other procedures for it; If the house ownership applicant is inconsistent with the pre purchaser specified in the registered pre-sale contract, the house ownership registration shall not be handled. However, the actual situation is that there are too many ways to change the name. It's good to say that if the name is changed successfully, the wasted time and money will be immeasurable, and even affect the purchase in the future.

3. The renaming of the house purchase contract is equivalent to going through the house purchase process again. The contract needs to be re filed online or by government departments, and the relevant materials will also be re reviewed. If it is a simple renaming, it is good to say that once it is found by the housing management department that it is a real estate speculation or transaction, the possibility of being rejected for renaming is very large. In case of more serious consequences, it may not be filed in the later stage and the real estate property right certificate cannot be obtained normally.

4. Different cities have different renaming policies, and most cities have a renaming opportunity between their immediate relatives. The specific process is as follows: with the consent of the developer, the identity certificate and application materials of the Renamer shall be submitted, the developer shall submit the renaming demand online, and the housing management department shall decide whether to approve the renaming demand after review. The process looks simple, but the materials to be prepared are very complex and need to be careful.

5. For the seller, after many complex procedures, the renaming and filing of the house purchase contract are finally completed, but it will also face the possibility of being taxed in the application for property right certificate. This risk mainly lies in the seller or the renaming party. Of course, it is not a risk. It can only be said that it is the money price that should be paid for renaming.